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Forgiveness to Heal Relationships

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
Relationships may be healed as you offer forgiveness to another, and as you offer forgiveness unto yourself. Your relationships may heal over a period of time, they may heal as you make peace with the situation, or the person even if you do not wish to continue in the relationship. Important to know is that you make the decision to heal a relationship and from this, you choose a different path, one of infinite pace - of sacred inspired kindness and love, and one in which you release the past; release what you have been carrying about that has happened that no longer serves you. Please enjoy the ideas and inspiration offered in this meditation to help heal your relationships! Namaste! xo /// Music: Hammock 'mute angels'
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Heal Relationships
There was so much love between us for so long I often wonder how we could let it slip away. I see now where we both needed to grow. I’ve never aligned with anyone the way I aligned with him. It is my deepest desire that we will once again align with each other in the vortex with a better understanding of how to stay there. I’m sending him my light and my unconditional love - I have enough for the both of us.
Forgiveness and being present. Forgiving oneself as well as the other. When angered many things coming out of anger or frustration can be said by both. Forgiving and truly desiring happiness is vital. From this meditation i took that it has to be my decision for my own happiness-no matter the outer circumstances. We need to desire a new relationship-maybe with someone else or maybe with the same person, but the importance is the desire for a new relationship with new dynamics. It may be hard bc of habits of being, but that’s the true test. Change oneself and the rest will follow. I say all this to myself.
Fingers tingling, heart beating fast, palms sweaty, red haze upon my vision. Betrayal, pain, fire twisting in my gut. My mouth gone dry, oh how I wish to spit my venom upon you, you whom has slashed my soul. Then I listen, my heart steadies, my body tensed for rage relaxes, my ego diminishes and I realise I am not the problem, I am not to blame, your barbs are not for me. I am as I was before and it is your journey to release you from the cycle of cruelty and hate. I hold no regret as I have grown from this lesson and have learnt it well. Surround yourself with love and the sharpest talon cannot pierce this shell. Know you are loved and worth the best in life - do not settle for second best.
Powerful and confronting
I needed to forgive myself for demanding so much from others, during this powerful meditation I was suddenly confronted with myself. Healing relationships takes us to heal ourselves first. I feel grateful for acknowledging this.
Already Want to Move On
I learned that even by listening to this practice I do want to mend my ongoing relationships and want to be proactive in my approaches. I recommend the longer practice on this track as the shorter one only just had me settle in to the idea of letting the breath and this time be a short reflection on releasing negative emotions and associating calm, not effort or anxiety, with beginning to heal past and present conflicts.
i felt a little happy during this meditation. i felt like my mom might begin loving me again.
as long as i believe in what i’m meditating ab or manifesting it will help my mood