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Forgiveness :: Compassion in Action

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Lauren Ziegler
Sleep Coach and Yoga Therapist
In order to forgive, we need to have tolerance of where that person is at on their journey. This is a sweet Metta (loving-kindness) practice to generate more compassion towards that person in your life. Having compassion is the antidote to so much mental anguish and having compassionate thoughts has been scientifically linked up with better physical health! This is for you if you want to let someone else (and yourself) off the hook if you want to enjoy the FEEL of compassion, warmth, and tenderness. More from your guide and friend, Lauren, at
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This was a really great session. Going through a conflict has many facets which we pass through and sometimes repeat. It's like a revolving door. You feel stuck at that same door neither entering or leaving. I've learnt that compassion starts with oneself and then it will flow onto others. Love me
This 3 minute meditation is incredibly powerful. Thank you Lauren.
This has been so helpful.
Forgiveness is hard but needs to happen. Something I struggle with on a daily basis, this helps.
Wonderful tools. 😊
I learned how easy it is to forget about forgiveness and compassion sometimes when I’m feeling a little rough around the edges. I’m so grateful to experience this meditation. 😊
Forgiveness is truly the cornerstone for a healthy and amazing life!
I learned that forgiveness is ultimately the greatest way one can detox every aspect of life: Spirit, Mind, and Body. For when you do, no root for negativity is available.
Struggle in forgiveness
I learned that it's okay to struggle with forgiving someone and it's okay for someone to help walk you through it. Even if, in this case, it's a three minute meditation.
Forgiving is easy, so is forgetting.
When the person you have forgiven and forgotten Handcuffs themselves to your legs, it makes things difficult. How can I avoid being reminded of these people's disinterest in letting go of me? It's especially difficult when it's in their best interest to keep me emotionally bound, and's guess this is how life is, a myriad of ways for things to go wrong, and no way to get anything right. I have accepted defeat, and moved on, but defeat is Dissatisfied with the results, and r minds me constantly. Oh well, doesn't matter, fake a smile and grind my teeth to dust
I can forgive...just not trust.
I can love someone from afar. I can forgive someone, but choose to not subject myself to constant hurt.
I realized that I feel sad when reflecting on situations where I was abused by others not just because of what they did but because of what I allowed them to do. I want to develop more self-love. I want to forgive myself everyday. I want to feel ultimate compassion for myself first then others. I cannot feel true compassion for others if I don't show compassion towards myself. I am worthy of the greatest love. I am precious and special. I deserve to be loved as I am.
I take responsibility for the abuse I have suffered even though this is flawed logic. This meditation helped me to see that my emotions directed toward my abusers are also how I feel about myself. It is through self-forgiveness that I will learn how to love my abusers correctly.
I really hated this one.
Because one person came to all three..... and I'm, struggling with those emotions.
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