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For An Anxiety Perfectionist & Sleep

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Julie Sulter
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Anxiety sucks the life out of you, and you deserve to feel fabulous. Clients describe shame as a force that just ‘comes at them’. It's important people like you, with high standards feel peaceful and fabulous. Sometimes anxiety is ‘the price tag for planning’ but you deserve to feel perfect all the time.
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2 reflections
This was a good session for anxiety and sleep internalizing this will make me a happier more relaxed lady.Trying to take it all in and apply it will be easier than I ever realized.
Endless to-do
I have never heard my anxiety be defined so clearly by anyone before. That profound and niggling inner reprimand that I'm not achieving enough, doing or being enough, not achieving or successful enough, not loving or caring enough. The mind trap that I waste my time every day running around in circles, never clearing or cleaning my home, or my mind of all the clutter weighs heavily on me and drags me into a tight coil of anxiety each day. If I could berate myself into doing everything perfectly, I would have done it by now. You said labelling doesn't help, Julie. But, somehow, I think I needed to label that anxiety to really examine what it has and still is doing to my days. Creating so much self-loathing that I'm like a chook running in circles and never getting anywhere. This track has altered my mindset, and that is a giant change of perspective. I feel like that treestump, caged and unwell, existence tenuous. Maybe I can grow out of my anxiety and perfectionism. Maybe I can protect my inner core by slowing down and giving myself a break. Perhaps I can release my creative inner child and realise that what I do or don't do has always been good enough. I have heaps of your tracks downloaded and playlisted in their own bundle. Perhaps all the times I've heard you tell me I am perfect just as I am has finally rubbed off. Thank you for being a big part of my Aura. I appreciate you. I am grateful for you.
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