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Focus On you, Stay Present

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Yoga, meditation Teacher
Join and sit with me in this wood fire at the beach. Allow yourself to just be in this guided meditation.
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3 reflections
The message was powerful as I am working on being kinder to myself. I realized something was pulling me away from falling deeper. It was the background crackle of the fire pit/fire. When I look at a controlled fire I find peace. When I was relaxed in this state I found my breath was shallower. I couldn’t figure it out till the end. I have an intense fear of fire. Always have. I think the sounds tapped into that fear.
Feeling better
I woke up this morning feeling anxious. With this meditation I slowed down my breathing and focused on being present in my bed. I told myself to take my time to do my grocery list and to decide what I will pay for with shopping on line with Whole Foods. The rest my daughter and spouse will pay for. I can’t drive so I will do some of my own shopping to help out.🎃
I feel calm but during the meditation a question keeps coming up, does Aura provide diff languages besides English? Are there mindfulness teachers and sessions that are spoken in various languages, Spanish or Chinese or any other languages? I think that would be awesome, and truly helps mental health globally.
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