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Focus on Feet

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
Often we try to push stressful thoughts away, or try to change them into something more pleasant. However this often perpetuates the problem. By redirecting attention away from thoughts, to the feet, we get a chance to take a "break" from our thoughts, because our attention is at the opposite end of the body.
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I felt relaxed and calm😌✨
I learned that to stop my overthinking I just need to play wit my toes💀😌✨
We tend to run away from our problems, either physical or mentally. But by running away, the problems may intensify and they can even follow. Focus on how you can solve the situation so, in the long run, it doesnt produce anxiety; worrying about the repercussions and whatnot. Take a moment for yourself, sit or lay down, and think about solutions to your problems.
Focus on Feet
Get out of your head and focus on your feet. It will help you be present and ground you.
Walter J
Great way to get out of your head... just focus on your feet! Carla had us focus on our breathing and then refocus on our feet & what they are telling us. Mine said they were warm & comfy in my heavy winter socks (it’s chilly outside like only 37 degrees) I felt like I was right there with them for awhile as I sat by my wood stove in my sweater. It is spring time I think...?!? Maybe Mother Nature is playing April fools with us?! Sure is sunny and pretty even tho it is chilly! (I choose to refocus on the sunny & pretty part...) 😉 ❤️🧦🍀
Focus on Feet
That I have to be always calm and relaxed. Focus on the feet, and feel what they can feel.
A break from coronavirus anxiety
A much need break from worry over coronavirus... I’m going to rinse and repeat.
Feet - Head distance
Great idea how to get out of your head, by focusing on part of your body which is further away than any other. Really like it...
I feel much better now.
Being able to take time out to center myself is beneficial for not only me but my work. I can think more clearly.
My feet have taken me. Taken me. At all me weights, up and down, they have taken me. They’re gorgeous and I love them endlessly. I adorn them with rings and anklets but until today, I never really focused on why I give them adornments. I honor my feet for their unlimited commitment in meeting my daily demands. 👣