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Focus Meditation

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Bradley T. Morris
Meditation Guide, Author, Creator, Coach
We live in the age of ADHD, however it doesn’t have to be this way. With a daily presence practice, we can train ourselves to become the focused, powerful humans we aspire to be. It all starts with being present, embodied and connected to your breath. Press play and refocus.
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11 reflections
Too much going on for me to focus
I need 1- 2 background noises not multiple and guiding voice
This meditation app is amazing.I learned that I am not my racing thoughts/feelings.So helpful to me!
As someone who has ADHD & struggles with racing thoughts, feelings of anxiety & fear, through this meditation I got so grounded & calm! I learned that I am not my thoughts & feelings-these things come & go & I can plug into my center, my being, finding the stillness like the eye of a hurricane. No matter what is going on around me, I can choose to focus on the breath, positive thoughts & affirmations. This meditation was especially useful to start a productive work & writing session. The instructor’s voice & guidance was so calming & soothing & helped me get out of my head & connect to my essence & God. I’m learning how I can choose to tune out negative thought patterns & tune into the breath, love & life. Thank you!
Wonderfully relaxing! I really get stressed and overwhelmed be the holidays.
Best Meditation Ever
This is the best meditation I have ever practiced. Before the meditation, I lacked direction; I was listless, lethargic, lackadaisical. The narrator invites us to feel a golden light, originating from our stomachs, touch our minds and empower us. I felt golden electricity spark the earth from my feet. For just a few minutes, I became a queen, and I saw myself tilt my head up to receive my crown. This meditation has left me with a fresh motivation and sense of purpose. This was a nearly divine experience.
Returning to Center
When we feel stressed, our thoughts begin to race. Because of this, our nervous system ramps up as it receives the hormone, cortisol. Our muscles tighten all over our body, especially in the areas of our shoulders, neck and stomach. In this awesome multifaceted meditation, we ground ourselves and then visualize a white light to soften our muscles and cleanse our mind. Sitting on a bench underneath a mimosa tree in my backyard, I began to take some deeper breaths than usual. Feeling the earth below my feet, I began visualizing myself sinking into the earth in a corkscrew fashion. Receiving earth’s energy, I felt supported and safe. Bringing my awareness to my stomach, I noticed that these muscles were slightly tense. Visualizing a beautiful white light growing in the middle of my stomach, I felt my muscles soften. Once my muscles were softened in my stomach, I visualized this white light going to other areas where I felt tension. Feeling lighter with each new breath, this white light traveled up my spinal cord and into the middle of my mind. Having this white light in the middle of my mind, I became aware of my thoughts. Noticing them, I realized a few of them were not serving me. Following Bradley’s direction, I began affirming to myself everything I am and letting everything I am not go. With my mind free of any negativity or worry, I began affirming how I wanted to feel. Planting affirmations that include love, peace, joy, and gratitude, I began to feel all of those things. Out of nowhere, I began hearing a loud chorus of chatters and songs all around me. It was as if nature felt the shift I had created in myself and was rejoicing in my delight! Returning to my center, I opened my eyes to see what all the commotion was about and saw an abundance of birds all around the backyard. Feeling a beautiful warmth in my heart, I wished all beings to be happy and in ease. What a powerful experience! Thank you, Bradley! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
This helped a lot. Today felt very frenetic, and this helped ground me.
Focus like visualizes, present breathe working on meditation
I feel light as if I got rid off all the burden. I feel illuminate as my body is radiating sunshine 🌄🌄
I feel lighter calmer and at peace. I loved this one. The Serenity and the gratitude afterwards Is a blessing. Thank you
This meditation is wonderful. It opened my eyes to something I’ve been trying to understand for months. It’s the fact that what I need to learn right now can only be done by me. Not in the context of another person or relationship. Even though this was very calming and took me into a zone, I had that most amazing aha moment. I am grateful and appreciative. 💖
Wonderful meditation
Focus on breathing and affirming my desires set the stage for my day
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