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Focus & Awareness

12 Min
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Saqib Rizvi
Meditation Coach
Focus is cultivated by regaining control of our awareness. Hence, the first step in the practice of cultivating focus is to be aware of what we are doing. As soon as we realize that we are distracted, we become aware of the distraction and gently bring our attention back to the object of focus. In this practice, Saqib will guide you in playing with your awareness through a Ball Of Light visualization. The background music is such that you will it will keep you focused on the practice.
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A Little Ball of Focus
This is a great meditation to help you clear your mind so you can focus. I like visualize the ball of light moving through my body and clearing away any thought/emotional clutter and brightening the space as it goes. I felt peaceful by the end of the meditation & couldn't believe it was over already. Namaste.
Great light visualisation
I found using light as a ball of focus made me lightly able to concentrate increase focus and found peace 👍 namaste 🙏🏾
What I noticed
I will have to practice this particular type of meditation as it was difficult to maintain focus. I know i will gain focus through practice.