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Flower Meditation

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Irene Zwaan
Hypnotherapist & Energy Healer
Spread your own beautiful feelings because they are just in you.....waiting to flow. ...and flowers remember us about this beautiful feelings inside of us. Just spread them...
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9 reflections
Bouquet of flowers
A beautiful, beautiful meditation! I had some difficulty understanding the teacher, but that didn’t matter. I got the gist of her message throughout. Her voice, inflections and manner made me cry (happy tears) almost from the beginning. It reminded me of my mom, comforting and assuring me as a child. I am happy and grateful right now. I feel great peacefulness around me. I offer you my first bouquet of flowers, beautiful teacher. 🙏
It’s time to let some beautiful feelings flow...
Forget your thoughts and just feel what over comes...with joy and relaxation 💐
Sweet loving meditation
This meditation will spread feelings of love and gratitude in to your body....
The Positive Prevails💐
I kept going back between the present and the past, mostly the past. In the past I was giving flowers to my mother, I saw her image a lot. But, images of people from the past and the present who are negative in my life kept surfacing. I acknowledged them, then pushed them away. I learned something in this meditation and recognized that these images of negative people are always going to invade my mind now and then but, they don’t have to stay there. I can replace them with images of beautiful places and people I love 💕 The positive prevails🙏
Hapiness is inside
With who you want to share hapiness? Enjoy this beautiful feeling inside and share it !🌸
Enjoy your day a little more?
Try this meditation for some more joy inside... feel good meditation
Beautiful meditation with love energy
Allow love to flow in your life it is a beautiful feeling love... let it flow everywhere...💚
Picking Wildflowers
Laying down in a field of tall grass, I felt the coolness of the Earth below me. The sun was shining ever so brightly between the patchy clouds in the sky while an occasional gentle breeze of dry air blew towards me, leaving my skin feeling both warm and refreshed. Looking around in my surroundings, I spotted a butterfly dancing in the wind. Interested by the striking markings of this butterfly, I got up from laying in the tall grass and began to have this butterfly lead me to a beautiful patch of wildflowers. Standing in this beautiful patch of wildflowers while taking in all of the lovely scents, I was memorized by this butterfly flying from flower to flower receiving it’s reward of nectar. Noticing that this butterfly resembled a monarch, a picture of my mom came into my mind. See, she loves butterflies, but monarchs in particular. As I continued to watch the butterfly and wildflowers exchange their ‘gifts’ to one another, I thought what a nice surprise it would be if I picked some wildflowers for her. Picking wildflowers, I began to get a sense of excitement thinking of the surprised look she’ll have on her face. Picking wildflowers, I began to smile from ear to ear. Picking wildflowers, I began to sense the love and gratitude I have for her deep within my heart. Eventually came the time when I gave these wildflowers to her. With her face saying it all, that was the time when I began to breathe through my heart. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! I love you! 🌺🌻😘❤️
Grows Compassion and Energizes
Wonderful meditation for cultivating compassion and refreshing the soul. Even the exhausted, the despondent, the depressed, feel energized after listening.
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