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Flow Like a River

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
This is a zen story about facing challenges and distractions.
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Constant struggle
I HAVE to better learn how to not let the little frustrations in my life impede my “flow” the stream, I HAVE to allow the stresses and struggles flow over and around me, rather than letting them slow and stop me!
Flow like a river
I liked this story much better than the ones about the elephant and the butterfly. So often we let things get in our way and distract us—I think for me it is mostly that habit of wanting things and/or people to be other than they actually are. I remember reading a book in my 20’s that had a title something like “Living in the world of the ought-to’s, referring to those times we say, “He ought to know . . . “ or “She ought to realize . . .” It said life is lots easier for those who deal with the world the way it is than for those who think it ought to be . . .”
I like what the story conveys but it doesn’t work with every scenario
I think I will try very hard to remember this story and the message it conveys. I’m trying to see how this can help me in the worst scenarios that I experience at work. Tonight was a very bad scenario and then at the end of the night I learned, that tomorrow there will only be one other server with me. I’m already dreading it and feeling the anxiety, this always makes it hard for me to fall asleep and that just adds to the problem. The situation is what it is and if anything goes wrong (and it will) it won’t be my fault and I know that but, it doesn’t change the fact that I have to endure such a nightmare! I just can’t see myself thinking about water flowing over and around rocks, it’s just not going to happen! Tomorrow night will be the nightmare from Hell! 🔥
Flow Like a River. . .
Reflecting on this story I am reminded of the smooth, rounded rocks in the river. Of course they didn’t didn’t begin looking like that. Instead, they had sharp, rough edges. It might take time, but like those smooth, worn rocks, we too can learn to find our way around life’s challenges with grace, gentleness, kindness and compassion rather than being resistant, or approaching situations and events in a negative, rough sharp manner.
Flow Like A River
Be like the river... instead of beating against obstacles if your life, flow over and around them. Let them become part of your journey.
You can’t do big things, if you are distracted by small things 🙏
I learned that letting distractions and things that unsettle you go is the best way to be more present.
Flow Like A River
When obstacles come, flow over and around them like water. Nothing happens if you just keep slamming into them
Be ever moving and changing like a river. Obstacles well come, busy make them a part of you
Be flexible and fluid. Take your path and flow with it. Embrace it
I had heard this before. It makes sense.
I saw Bruce Lee say this in a documentary, but i now wonder if he was the master or student in the story.
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