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Five Minutes Of Morning Joy

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Jen Knox
Embodied Creativity and Mindfulness
Take a few minutes in the morning to breathe, smile, and focus on the deep-seated joy that lives within, that you can tap throughout your day.
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It is a cool crisp morning. Sitting outside, I inhale deeply the refreshing morning air into my body and exhale anything that no longer serves me. A gentle smile begins to form on my face. This smile continues to grow as I send love, light, and gratitude to all parts of my body. I have a pinched nerve in my neck which is radiating pain all along my left side. Sending love to these areas helps bring the pain down to an ignorable level. Today, I will focus my attention on all the things that bring me joy in my life. I will also remember to continue to send love to the areas of my body that are experiencing pain through my breath to help keep it manageable throughout my day. Today, will be a good day because I choose to make it one.
Cultivating Joy
Beginning my day with gratitude, fills my spirit up with joy. This morning I am grateful for: Surrounded by nature’s beauty, Connecting with the stillness from within, Positive Mindset, A few peaceful moments to myself, Vacation home, and my health. Thinking of all the things I am grateful for brings a huge smile to my face. Feelings of joy radiate throughout my mind and body. I have the power to cultivate joy throughout my day by focusing on the good around me.
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