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Five Minute Affirmations To Feel Good

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Barbara Faison
Meditation Guide
These 30 affirmations will energize you and can be used anytime and anywhere. Connect with yourself and raise your vibration. You can start your morning with these affirmations or take a break and listen to keep you vibing high.
From the community
4 reflections
I am LOVING, LOVED, and LOVEABLE! I am enough. I love my body, and I am healing it now. I am healing my relationships. I am no longer codependent on my husband, I don't expect him to be or do anything he doesn't want to. I self validate and have stopped relying on the validations of others to keep me afloat. I have everything I need. I am strong and confident, and my pain doesn't overwhelm me.
Making my bed with joy.
I listened to these top 20 affirmations from Barbara and said them out loud while making my bed. I've just made this gem of a track into a morning routine. I feel so good, I'm smiling.
I know
I know today whatever may come that I am ready for it. I feel energized and sore at the same time (last night was leg day) I feel confident in my abilities. I am open ready and willing to trust the universes plan.
Positivity Boost
I ❤️ all of these positive affirmations. My inner spirit is filled with love, light, confidence and compassion. I feel empowered. I will be able to handle anything that comes my way today. I choose to show up to this new day with a positive mindset. It is going to be a good day!