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Find Your Ground in Times of Uncertainty

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Jiva Masheder
Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Teacher
In these difficult, uncertain times, feeling the literal ground beneath our feet can be extremely calming and, well, grounding. It's always there as a literal and emotional source of support - why not try this practice to learn to find your ground in difficult times?
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Ground yourself
It might be easy to lose sight of the now, thinking about what's to come during these uncertain times. Stomp your feet into the ground and feel how you are still standing. After all the hardships you've been through, you are still here... and that's admirable! Be proud of how far you've come & keep going. Always think about the now, because that's your present.🎁
Finding Ground
In uncertain times, we can feel more stressed and even anxious because our mind seems to notoriously live in the past or the future. In this meditation, Jiva has us become aware of the ground below us as a way to settle the mind and anchor us to the present moment. Sitting in my chair, I found ground by noticing everywhere I felt supported, most notably my feet on the ground and my buttocks on my chair. I decided to go further by doing some deep breathing and visualizing receiving prana or life force energy into my body. Allowing myself to be supported by the ground below my feet and the chair beneath my buttocks, I am calm and at peace. Visualizing receiving prana from the ground below my feet, I am renewed. Whether we are standing, walking, sitting or laying down, we are always being supported. Remembering that fact, especially during these uncertain times, will not only settle the mind, but will anchor us to the present moment. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Ferris Wheel
While I was practicing on this guided meditation, an interesting visual came to me. When you spoke of feeling some form of grounding beneath us, be it when we are lying, or standing up or sitting down, a Ferris’s wheel instan,y came to mind. Our thoughts will always be circulating, moving around in our heads, just as the wheel of a Ferris wheel will always keep turning-but never roll away due to that sturdy beam that is connected to the ground. Envisioning a Ferris wheel helped me attend to that feeling of having some form of grounding beneath me better. Perhaps this is a visual that can help some of you. Namaste.
Walter J
Grounding ...
Simple, effective & suggested! Jiva gives some simple suggestions that are effective & I suggest you listen to this one. 👍🏼🏔🍀
Finding your ground
I found this recording useful for stress management when I don’t have control over the circumstances of the situation. Pivoting to ensure I am continuing to think positively and manage my stress is essential. This recording helps me do that.
This is a great way to get regrounded
I like this meditation as a nighttime sleeping aid, but also appreciate the message because I can focus on being connected to the earth anytime during the work day, too.
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