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Finding Your Anchor in Uncertain Times

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Jiva Masheder
Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Teacher
Times are uncertain at the moment....but if we can find an anchor, a place to rest from the storm, it can be immensely restorative and calming for us.
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Anchor yourself
In this meditation, it is mentioned that in order to anchor ourselves to the actual moment we are living in (even if its uncertain), we have to ground ourselves; place your hands somewhere steady, or put your feet on the floor, firmly. Situations come & go, but you decide when you want to come & go; you decide when it's your time.
Finding Your Anchor In Uncertain Times
Thoroughly enjoyed this meditation. Made me feel in control, relaxed, able to conquer my fears👍
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I’m having too many -ve thoughts and not countering them. Too often I see or hear things and this triggers another negative thought. Alternately I’ll think of a client and then the fear of termination will occur. Not slept correctly last night. Feeling ok but not super motivated.
Thank you for reminding me that my anchor is always with me. So when my thoughts really spiral, I can just come back
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