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Finding Safety Where You're Supported

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Jiva Masheder
Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Teacher
In difficult times, our minds are whirling with what might happen, and that can ramp up anxiety. Feeling the ground under us, supporting us, can give us a wonderful refuge for our minds in turbulent times.
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Ground yourself
We are living in difficult times, un which anxiety enfolds us as a bedsheet. It seems impossible to stop thinking about the future, what consequences your personal experiences and how the global situation will affect us in the long run. The thing is, we dont know, and that stresses us a lot. In these times, it is important to ground yourself; feel the ground beneath your feet, touch it with your hands... understand that no matter how many times you fall, you can still get up and that's the most reassuring thing I could have possibly told myself today. So, reassure yourself, that, eventually, things will be better.
I am supported always. I just have to remind myself. I liked this simple but profound reminder of support
I learnt that I always have the safety of the ground beneath me. It is always there to support me. I try to find this in people🤔. Time to shift my thinking so I am not feeling like a fish out of water anymore. 😊
This is SO Awesome
I learned that you can just feel happy that you’re just being here, that you are Groovy to your day. That you’re just happy that you’re in bed or a piece of furniture or even just standing. Thanks for sharing this with us! ☕️🐝☕️
I felt grounded from my thoughts and supported by the earth below me.
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