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Finding Peace in Our Mortality

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Alex Dudgon
Inner Peace, Wisdom & Empowerment Coach
Death is the most common and deepest fear of the human psyche. Contemplating death is a big part of Bhutanese culture and has done wonders for their relationship with it. In this meditation, we attempt to find peace in our ultimate destiny and utilize it to help us live life to the full.
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Death is inevitable. But facing death without fear is embracing this reality as a constant reminder to treasure each moment of life and to bring my life’s purpose into fruition. I am grateful for each waking day as an opportunity to experience all that life has to offer. For it is in learning that I grow and in death that I celebrate a life well lived with a soul that is eternal. Namaste. 🙏🏻💚
A friend, a good friend died this morning of a heart attack and complications from leukemia. He was my sponsor in recovery, a motorcycle riding brother and a man of wit. I shall miss him and his companionship. R.I.P. Whit, see you later.
More on death and dying please!
This was beautiful! Exactly what i was looking for; thank you!!
Inner peace
I don't only live once. I live every second of every day. Beautiful words making me feel comfortable with the subject of death.