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Finding a Safe Place with Your Feet

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Jiva Masheder
Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Teacher
In anxious times, our feet can really be our best friends - at the far end of our bodies from our anxious minds, and always supporting us, in contact with the ground.
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Happy feet
I have always had “happy feet” even as a baby I would move my feet around a lot and still do now to signal I’m happy. Whenever I’m really happy I have noticed I move and wiggle my feet. But I haven’t thought to use it for my stress and anxiety. I really loved this one Bc my feet to me signal happiness so why not use that to help my anxiety as well. Thank you for this practice !
I love this. She's a brilliant teacher and this is an amazing thing to do. I will do it loads.
Jiva, yes! Blessed feet! I often concentrate on feet, walking meditation and wiggles! Feet and jaw and eyes! Thanks.
Amanda’s an
This really helped me! Thank you!
When I think of my feet I feel more supported! I breathe more and feel less anxious
Loved this!
I am someone that possibly has sensory issues and needs to be barefoot at home to feel grounded. I think this is all rooted in my feet being bare being a sense of calming/grounding emotional support - now i have another way to use them to my benefit!
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