Financial Health Meditation

7 Min
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Bradley T. Morris
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Do you feel like you and money are worst enemies and like you could use an intervention to heal your financial woes? Don't worry, I've been there plenty of times too. Sometimes you just need to take a stpe back, take some deep breaths and open yourself to fully healing your current relationship with money, so that you can feel better about where you are now and more optimistic about where you're heading. Happy new now! your life.
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So many feelings
Do you believe that I cried during this meditation? It was so touching find out that I’m ashamed of been successful.
Vital Energy
A lot of us have negative beliefs surrounding money. These negative beliefs turn into stories we tell ourselves and end up blocking this vital currency in our life. In this meditation, Bradley has us let go of these beliefs so we have space to write fresh stories surrounding our financial health. Looking back over my financial life, I’m sure I have had some limiting beliefs surrounding my finances. After taking some deep breaths into my body, Bradley brought up money and my awareness quickly turned to my belly where I sensed a level of uncertainty. Giving this emotion a voice, I began to hear a story I didn’t even know that I have been telling myself. Deep down, I have been saying that while I deserve money to get by on, I don’t need or deserve to be wealthy! Knowing this, I breathed in, grabbed this emotion and let it go out of my mouth like a gray smoke. Having that emotion out of my body, I began filling myself with abundant fresh air. Feeling grateful for this nourishment of air, I began to write a new story surrounding my finances. I deserve abundance. I welcome this currency in my life. Money and I are friends. Money flows easily to me. I am already abundant. I am successful. I am thankful for my wealth. I am grateful to share my wealth with others. Money is a form of energy that we give and receive in society. Having an attitude of gratitude and thus, coming from a place of abundance, we will always find that we have this vital energy flowing in our lives. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Walter J
I have always been a hard worker making it a point to out work everyone. While this may be good to a point I discovered a belief that I thought I had to work hard for my money. With Bradley’s help I became aware of this & felt it in my back. So I started breathing into it, gathered it up & exhaled it out through my mouth and watched it blow away... what a relief! Breathing in fresh air of abundance I feel ready to attract the new wealth I am worthy of by being me and being of service to others. I am Becoming a money magnet... 👍🏼🧲🍀