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Fill Your Mind and Heart with Beauty and Love

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
In this meditation you use deliberate words and phrases of love spoken inward and aloud to remind you of your beauty, your greatness, and your capacity to give and receive love. These are some of the many ways that you can experience the beauty of life - now - in this moment. Let this meditation become one of your favourites! Best if used often and wonderful to begin your day with! xo dorothy
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8 reflections
Has been a way for me to feel beauty, love and joy. There is something magical about following the brush strokes in a painting, watching dancers elegantly move across a stage, admiring a sculpture of a woman's imperfect body. I know I am alive when I can look at art and feel sensations in my body.
Time and space
Metaphysically time and space are irrelevant to love, love transcends and connects and heals metaphysically. Physical beings are still ruled by time and space when it. I love life and am so grateful to experience life in these the most fascinating ways. Cheers.
Fill your heart and mind with beauty and love
This is a favourite meditation of mind and helps me to move away from a cynical and uncaring attitude that is all too easy to fall into. Best used frequently to reinforce a loving and caring disposition.
Breath. Think. Keep going
One can never be in control of everything there are moments that I shall let go and Cary on
Divine Thoughts
One of the most sacred gifts we have in life is our ability to Choose our thoughts. Indeed, we have power over our thoughts and we can Choose to focus on whatever we want to, whether it be positive or negative. In this beautiful meditation, Dorothy explains how we can fill our mind with beauty and love at any given moment. Breathing deeply, I went inward and became aware of my body and any sensations that arose. Following Dorothy’s guidance, I began to think of thoughts that gave me desire, thoughts that gave me joy and thoughts that gave me warmth on my in breath. These positive, kind and loving thoughts, these beautiful Divine thoughts, filled my body, mind and soul with such beauty and amazing love. What a truly wonderful feeling! We all have this power within ourselves to Choose to fill our mind, body and soul with beauty and love. All we have to do is Choose to think of positive, kind and loving thoughts as we breath in deeply and we can and will tap into the Divine beauty and love that surrounds us each moment of every day! Thank you, Dorothy! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Fill your heart
Felt a sense of peace and calmness come over me as I was meditating. Whenever I have thoughts of negative self talk always give love and compassion to myself
Fill Your Mind With Beauty and Love
Dorothy, your meditations bring me joy and peace. I try to listen to you morning and night. You relax and send me peace. I am in therapy for PTSD & other issues brought on by early childhood issues & a 40 year abusive marriage. I find such comfort in your voice and your directions. Thank you for your help. 💕
Beauty and Love 💞
Good morning! This was an excellent meditation on this beautiful Sunday morning. It's all about closing your eyes and letting the words and visualizations take over. It was wonderful. Thinking of the things that make you feel joy and content.
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