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Fill Your Life with Love

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
We can find ways to fill our life with MORE love and to receive and feel more love easily. In this meditation, we use imagery to feel the energy of our heart as love and to feel this energy throughout our body. This is one of my personal favorites and a beautiful experience to enjoy. Namaste! Dorothy
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A good idea
I do think that just focussing on breath doesn't conjure up feelings of love but I like the idea of this meditation.
I do love, I have a concept of love that I can actualize and I feel love inside, I attempt, clumsily to put the love into play for all around me
❤️Love ❤️Pray❤️Niece❤️Hope❤️
❤️❤️Today I got to See my Niece after 18 years again she is now 20 years old. My Goodness I started to cry. My 10 year old Daughter looks acts just like her. I saw myself in my Niece at the age I was at 20. My Daughter is a Carvin copy of me. It's funny I'm the youngest. My Brother and Sister both get a reincarnation of me in there daughters. My sister oldest daughter is me all over age so much that my sister always tells her I'm going to slap the Elena out of you. My Niece just laughs at he mom my sister. I am a mother of 4 girls that are Totally me. My mom use to say when you grow up I hope you have a daughter just like you I got 4daughters and 2niece. I'm still Loving it. God has Blessed me by letting me be with my younger Niece from my oldest Brother. Today and Tomorrow and I pray and hope this will start a Beautiful Relationship Between the both of us. I know her mom and I have become very Close. ❤️❤️
Taking the time to feel love is vital to my self happiness
This meditation taught me to sit back, relax and think about the warmness I feel from it feels good
Love Symbolized
This meditation was really something else . At first I could actually feel , visualize my heart blooming with a million different flowers. I usually have a very difficult time visualizing my feelings. I extended that feeling to my whole body and I had all the flowers spiralling around me. Then I was able to scatter them and push them out to the world around me . ♥️
The Loving Way
I don’t daily feel the feeling of love like I did in this meditation. I must do this more often.
Love energy
To fill myself with love energy, beginning with the heart region, then my whole body. To emanate this warm, soft, nurturing energy outside, to my fellow human beings, to all living creatures, to all the things I get in contact with.
Mindful love
It’s helpful for me to picture the love as radiating from my heart to the rest of my body and into the world.
love is important
not just loving people and animals but loving the world and everyday tasks. learn to fall in love with your daily routines and chores are just as important as loving yourself and everything around you.
Love is something I believe I give freely to all. I love people and love getting to know them. This is an asset as well as a downfall. It is an asset because I do not hold back my love. However, people are human and make mistakes and this causes me to pull back from them. Either they don’t show me the love in return at all, or they have a few bad days and I feel abandoned by them because for those few days, they don’t return my love. I believe in order to truly give my full self to others and begin to not feel abandoned when they have a bad day or days, I must learn to love myself as I do others. Trust myself. Give to myself. Help myself. Only then, will I truly be able to love and be loved by others. Never feel the abandonment or disappointment I have felt in the past.
I have lost love
I discovered that meditation has become just another box to check. I used to look forward to it. Now it has become one more thing on the list. And as if that wasn't enough, I have been down on myself all evening. I saw a photo of myself today on Facebook. I was on a ladder pairing scenery for my local theater. I couldn't believe how terrible my body looked. Granted I was already in an awkward position, my ladder was right under a doorway so I was bent to the back and the side to clear it, but then there were my arms. I don't have any delusions about my arms. They aren't great, but I didn't realize they were that bad. I'm scared that I will get into the headspace that I was in a few months ago: self hating, borderline eating disorder, anxiety, and mild depression. I'm really scared, I can't go back there again!
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