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Break Free of Old Patterns and People

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Do you feel stuck? Or that the same unwanted people or patterns keep showing up in your life again and again? Break free of these patterns by letting go of the outdated beliefs that you keep you stuck. Free yourself from your past and open yourself to the as yet unseen potential of tomorrow. May it be of benefit.
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This self reflection technique is, in a word, OUTSTANDING. It’s definitely a reflection we could all use in various aspects of our lives on a variety of topics. Although it’s a simple to use technique, the mission/goal/vision is incredibly thought-provoking and deep. One of the best tracks I’ve ever heard on Aura-I will listen—probably daily—until I have the technique down. Then, I will practice it daily. Please listen. You won’t be disappointed.
I really felt calm while doing my Spanish projecr
Just RELAX! It will all be alright in the end. I know I am a smart student but I doubt my ability to learn and I need to stop
I can look and see where patterns have continued to arise and how my old beliefs or first concepts have shaped my decisions. I am now diving deeper to see when and how these ideas where formed and if it's suits my current life or needs to be reevaluated to reflect my life in the present.
I would invite you to listen to your words and what your criteria is based upon.
Your criteria is based on popular opinion and not reality. Meaningful relationships are not just easy, but the willingness to stand in your partners fire not because they deserve it but exactly when they don't because you are enough to support them and yourself in difficulty with love. Who says it should be easy? Very few things in life are worthwhile because they were easy. My experience not my work work ancient elders and wise council does not align with this advice and I believe it is misguiding others. Please remove it.
This is a very powerful session. Very. I think they I have been telling myself I should have done be
How free I could be to pursue everything if I accepted I did my best with what I had to work with at all times. And now I should know what I didn’t know then - that I have always felt lacking.
Breaking Old Patterns
We often look at new situations with old lenses. And, often these lenses are how you saw things at an earlier time in your life. Many of our views and beliefs are formed when we were younger. When we find ourselves getting stuck in an old thought pattern we can ask ourselves the following questions. What is it that you are believing in this situation? Where is this belief coming from? When did you decide this belief is true? Is this belief true? Is it helpful to believe this anymore? If the belief is no longer true or helpful, ask yourself...Can I let it go? Taking the time to honestly reflect on these questions will help you to break free of old thought patterns that no longer serve you.
New Lenses
Looking at situations through old lenses can be helpful because those are the lenses used by you to navigate, investigate, and cogitate your surrounding world. We are only born into our own situation so some would say we are born with blinders on, meaning our own way of viewing the world. These viewpoints become our old lenses. I know I am stuck in many,many old patterns and view many situations through old lenses. Sometimes this causes bad decisions and reactions. Maybe it’s time to get some new glasses with some new lenses and hopefully that will help me to make better decisions and work out problems with newer and healthier actions and reactions and viewpoints. New lenses
I learned that I am holding on to nothing to the Past to a man that has moved on is no longer in my life. My life is changing it's getting better new layers of myself show my true being can Surface and be reborn as person I am truly meant to be.
Moving on
I’m going to take time to reflect on the past to discover what might be holding me back let it go. I feel disconnected times and I’m willing to invest in a relationship because of the past. I think it would be wise to discover what I really feel like and what would bring me joy in the next journey in my life.
The past
I realize that things from the past are holding me back. Or I am allowing them to. I don’t believe I am good enough or smart enough because my father told me I wasn’t over and over again throughout my life. Always wondering if I would be able to achieve basic things like finish undergraduate or have any type of professional career.
Break free
I need to examine my beliefs and realize if they are true or not. Often they are based on past experiences that are not really true
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