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Often when we are stressed or tense, we spend out time thinking about what we have to do next. Yet this means that we can lose touch with what is already here. This is a simple practice to help you come home to presence and fill your heart with gratitude.
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No 💤 for me!
My minds still not quite, I think it’s going to be an insomnia night. I’ll try one more medication, probably the 60 minute one for deep sleep . If that doesn’t work I might as well read a book!
Good Stress Reliever
For the level of stress that I was at, it was impressive how much this calmed me down. The narrator’s soothing voice and the advice given really helped ease me into a more peaceful state of mind.
Here on this US election Tuesday evening, I find that I’ve overloaded my schedule for the rest of the week. Too much to do, not nearly enough time to accomplish the tasks! I remain, as always, infinitely grateful for my beautiful wife Jill! She’s my perfect partner, my best friend, the savior of my life! I’m taking the direction of this session to heart tonight. All of my gratitude is for Jill.
stress relief
Wonderful perspective! So often we forget to step off the merry go round and just be grateful for where we are and what we already have. There is an inherent genius in simply realizing that” “after changes upon changes, we are more or less the same” “I knew a father who had son, he longed to tell him all reasons for things he’d done. He came a long way just to explain. He kissed his boy as he lay sleeping then headed home again. Slip sliding away, the nearer our destination the more we’re slip sliding away...
The calmness
Her voice was super calming and I am now ready for bed and when I was sad today she made me forget about that