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Feeling Safe - Healing Affirmations

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Gently up-level your feelings of safety with these 5 empowering, healing affirmations. -I am always loved, guided, and protected in all that I do. -I am doing the best I can right now and my best is good enough. -Even though I don’t understand why I am going through this I choose to love and accept myself through it. -I am more than my emotions and this will pass. -I ask for help from the universe and Open to receive it now.
From the community
7 reflections
The universe has my back through a painful loneliness right now
Ask for help…
I’m learning to ask for help. I forget sometimes after being my own support my whole life.
Good Reminder
I learned how easy it is to get caught up inside your own head and how effective just a few minutes of affirmations can be.
A good reminder that we are supported, loved and even protected, helping us to do our best, which is always enough. Namaste
Dr Smith
I am more than my emotions
It feels empowering to think I am more than my emotions. Some individuals I have to be around are egotistical and abrasive. The incessant jabs, complaining, and ridicule drain me of energy and fill me with depression. It energizes and empowers me to remember I am much more than feelings. I am highly competent. The misery of these individuals has nothing to do with me.
I seem to be drawn to affirmations coupled with meditation lately. I didn't always have an open mind about them. Now that I'm further along on my spiritual journey, I feel how powerful they can be. They help heal my wounds. I feel free. Safe. Inspired. Seen. Loved. They raise me up. I feel whole. I can feel and see the positive changes and deep healing.
Positive Healing Affirmations
Some affirmations that we went through today are the following: I am more than my emotions and this will pass. I am love, guided, and protected. Feel the love, guidance, and protection all around me. These positive affirmations are helpful to remind ourselves everyday, especially in the process of changing our core beliefs for the better.