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Feeling Down? Nurture Yourself

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Happiness Insight
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Many of us go through periods where we feel down. Often we try to push ourselves out of this feeling by giving ourselves a hrad time or judging ourselves for not being "happier". In this session you will learn to meet yourself with kindness and support yourself through the inevitable highs and lows of life, rather than beating yourself up.
From the community
2 reflections
This helped me to show up for myself again
I combined this meditation with EMDR butterfly tapping and it helped me to show up for myself ❤️ I’m in floods of relieving tears as I spontaneously want to hug myself and say “I’m here now. You are safe. I love you so much. You are not alone. I am so proud of you. You have become an amazingly strong woman” 🥰
Needed this
I really needed to make space for my sadness and let myself feel it.
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