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Shelley Barker
Health & Life Coach
Learning to properly process our emotions is key to finding lasting happiness, and releasing ourselves from everything from insecurities to chronic pain!
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Tie between emotion and physical pain
Interesting thought about how unresolved emotions can affect the body. I think I need to do some exploring of my feelings and see which ones I’m not letting go of.
I’m inching closer to letting go. To accepting what is instead of pushing back in the name of what I want it to be. Until somebody finds a way to reverse the process of aging, I won’t get any younger. Maturity means learning what Kenny Rogers called knowing “when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em.” Holding on has hurt too much for too long. It hasn’t worked. It’s not going to suddenly work. It’s just time to let go.
How do I stop and feel what I am feeling? When do I do this? Maybe I can keep a notepad nearby and jot down what I am feeling in that moment
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