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Feel Intellect with Power

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Karuna Priya
Improving Your Mind
This meditation invites you to exercise the power of your intellect, make yourself clear headed and perceptive as well as developing firm resolved. 
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3 reflections
My mind is on peace and truth
I am not going to be distracted by a need for money, power or enticed by things that feed my unhealthy personality features. I will only follow what is peaceful and truthful for me. I will attract what I am - intelligent, capable, and valuable!
My Mind’s Eye
Meditation has opened up my mind’e eye; I can feel when something good or bad is about to happen. It showed me how to deal with my own emotions and other people’s emotions as well. I can now stay calm in stressful situations and I can now deal with my own problems
I felt peace i think this help me find my happy place 💜 thru meditation
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