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Feel Good All Day Morning Mindset Check

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Chel Rogerson
Intuitive Wellbeing Coach, eRYT-500
Make it your priority to feel good all day. This meditation checks in with your body, mind, and spirit reminding you to do your best to feel your best. Let this morning moment add a little pep to your step throughout the day. Share an inspirational comment for your morning! Can get in touch at
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4 reflections
Best Self
My intention for the day will be to focus on maintaining a positive mindset as well as listening to my body. I will nourish my mind, body, and spirit throughout the day to be able to show up as my best self. Today, is going to be a good day!
I noticed that during this exercise I had a lot of tension in my body, particularly around my head and neck area. After the exercise I felt that tension decrease.
Feel Good all day
I feel great. Ready to begin my day with positive intentions. The affirmations and breathing quickly brought me to a wonderful bright place of love and peace. I feel gratitude for this practice. Thank you.
Feeling good!
A good clear-out and reset: body to feel good all day, think good thoughts all day, gratitudes all day ... "glow and grow your aura" -- great image!!
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