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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
This meditation uses guided imagery to invite the listener to explore and rest into their favorite place. From here, it invites the listener to drift into a deep, restful sleep.
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Favorite place
This meditation was super relaxing. It worked so well I wanted to fall asleep right away.
Favorite place
I always love visualization meditation. I was already tired, so this one was great. Gonna go to sleep now. Night night!
Favorite Place
Cassandra guides you into a visualization meditation of your favorite place in nature. I visualized a place called Gorman Falls that I visited recently. I imagine myself sinking into a hammock gently rocking back and forth, listening to the sound of the waterfalls and feeling the slight breeze of the warm air on my skin. My body and mind are calm and still. I am ready to drift off into a deep sleep. 😴 Thank you Cassandra! 🙏🏻
Favorite place
I noticed when I was little I always go to my favorite place to sleep was at the amusement park or zoo, I get too excited to sleep when going places that ate actually really fun.
A foggy day at the beach
In a warm sweatshirt on the warm sand behind a small sand dune for protection from the wind. Waves rushing in and out alone the shore. Sun struggling through the fog, warming just right for a little sleep.
my favourite place is anywhere where it is warm and cosy. like my bed, or a nice warm cabin. with tea and a good book or movie and my darling husband, anywhere is my safe and favourite place
Favorite place
My favorite place is the beach at Pentwater. I imagined laying in the sun and also laying at night.
My favorite place in nature
My favorite place in nature is a place I go hiking that my dad showed me. It’s a beautiful area and not a lot of people go there. I can hike for miles and miles and have encountered a lot of interesting things out there such as finding an abandoned house, seeing my first bear and finding raw crystal points. This place is peaceful to me and I love it there. I envisioned going there, the sights, the smells, how it makes me feel then I imagined how tired I get after hiking and how I love setting up my hammock! This meditation didn’t make me sleepy.
Favorite place
Anywhere I can be where water runs and I can hear the water, it doesn’t matter what weather it is I love being by water it’s my favorite place to be
Fav place
I learned that I have many favorite places. At first I had a hard time picking. But once I did the guided imagery came to life and I was asleep before it ended. Woke up feeling great!
JoAnn Miller
I am anxious that I won’t be able to sleep through the night
I have to got to bed earlier and get in the right headspace to fall asleep.
Favorite place
What a peaceful meditation! I will use this technique again to bring myself to a perfect place to rest.
Relaxing ..unwinds the mind......but needs to be longer. Have a good night.