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Family Tree. Keeping Your Vibes High!

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Teena Jones
Life Coach and Healer!!
The goal of this spiritual journey is to maintain your high vibration no matter who is around, which includes your family. Often, our family is a hotbed of emotions because there's history there; however, the solution isn't to isolate yourself from them. The solution is to heal those triggers once and for all so that you can`t be pushed!!
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Love it
I LOVE your energy passion exciting inspiring uplifting fun happy positive way of ALL your sessions. Everything you say, deliver, resonates with me so today after having listened to maybe 100 sessions I want to thank you because I have learned and applied so much and I grow and become a better ME every day. It takes me sometimes more than 30 swipes to find one of your new sessions haha cause your name is not always written so I usually guess by title and length. For the last 4 months, since I started aura, you have been my inspiration, thank you thank you thank you
🔥🔥🔥🔥 I’m an enthusiastic person and this resonates 100% with me.
This has inspired me to feel more confident in who I am, reminded me to always stay strong in my emotions of love, compassion and peace and welcome everyone in life who is here to trigger me and show me what needs to be healed within me ❣️thank you Teena ❣️