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Fall In Love With Your Body

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Beckie Kullberg
Life Coach
Falling in love with your body begins by appreciating an area that you already love. We are all unique and beautiful with gifts that we can share with the world. You, my friend, are beautiful. Now go out and make it a great day!
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Brings peace
In general, I struggle with self-love. I’ve come to understand what that is and I’ve made strides in learning to appreciate and love my body and myself for who I am in this moment. But I get derailed. This meditation is so soothing and asked me to focus on a part of me that I love and then take that feeling and spread it throughout my entire body. This is soothing and left me feeling warm, peaceful and happy. Thank you so much.
Walter J
I did not relate very well with this one for some reason…?! Nothing bad or good… just nothing noticeable.