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Facing Challenges with Confidence

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This coaching session will help you to build the confidence and inner-strength to face any challenge or situation that brings up fear, anxiety or avoidance e.g. Difficult conversations, giving a presentation, asking for something you deserve.
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7 reflections
Awesome meditation! I really like how it guides step by step, slowly releasing tension and building calmness, helps to restore faith in one self. Many thanks
Love it
Tried this meditation several times and it always helps me to relax, focus and increase my confidence :) I love it!
Sugar cravings.
I learned that I have the power over the sugar monster. I very got this.
I feel a weight lifted. Our minds are so powerful. Well done
Walter J
Preparing ...
A great 4-step method to prepare yourself for a potentially uncomfortable situation, task or conversation. Seems fairly straightforward and makes a lot of sense. Looking forward to giving it a go next time I feel nervous about doing something. Thanks for the coaching! 🙏🏼💪🏼🍀
We’ve all been there. That place where we hear the inner critic raise their voice. That place where we feel sensations of butterflies fluttering around in our stomach. That place where we experience our breath shallow and quick. That place where we tend to feel small so we cave our chest inward. That place of discomfort we all know as the edge of our comfort zone. Whether it’s a challenge, a task or a situation makes no difference. When we are about to embark into the unknown, it can be scary. In this profound meditation, we are given a 4-step process to counteract any jitters we may be experiencing. Today I am showing what I know in my qigong practice. While I know I know these gentle movements, I’ve still been sensing jitters nonetheless. My friend, Walter had listened to this a few days back and I knew that I must prior to my exam today. Am I glad I did! Sitting, I took in a few deep breaths. I imagined my vagus nerve getting soothed by these long, deep and smooth breaths i took into my belly. On my exhale, I let out an audible sigh, which was calming music for my ears and ultimately my mind. Once my breath was smooth, I turned my attention to my posture. I placed my shoulders back and elongated my spine and neck. With my body in a confident posture, it was time to pay attention to calming my mind. I thought of a time where I felt immense support and love. Knowing and feeling this love and support, a smile came over my face and lit my eyes up. In that moment, my mind switched from fear to love. Feeling incredibly lighthearted, I turned to my inner dialogue. I began to say some empowering ‘I Am’ phrases. Feeling limitless, confident and relaxed, I am claiming this moment! Indeed, I’ve Got This! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️ P.S. Thank you to my friend, Walter for pointing me to this meditation and to Happiness Insight for creating it! I am beyond grateful!
Great Confidence Booster Process
I enjoyed the steps set out in this meditation. I will certainly share this with my family & friends.