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Eyes Open Meditation

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Irene Zwaan
Hypnotherapist & Energy Healer
Monks learn to meditate with their eyes open. We often close our eyes. Experience this and feel the peace that arises. When you do the 3-minute version keep sitting in meditation when the 3 minutes are passed...The longer version will get you even deeper into the meditation.
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Just keep your eyes open.
Feel the mind relax different experience.... But nice and peacefull....
Eyes Open
Relaxing meditation but left me needing more time with it. Will have to try it on my own. Focusing on the 3rd was intriguing.
Walter J
A little different session with the eyes open, but was able to relax. Felt like I was waiting for something else to happen?! ❤️👁🍀
Eyes Open Meditation
This session helped me to visualize my third eye and use it to see beyond the limitations of my physical field of vision. So often we look without really seeing. We shut out and avoid the gazes of others. It is a human instinct to protect ourselves by avoiding danger. But often we do so at the cost of missing out on so very much. Irene has a gift. Her voice is hypnotic. Her sessions always leave me feeling refreshed and enlightened.
Very calm meditations
Monks meditate this way too. Really calming inside... Try and see
Walter J
I had to work to keep my eyes slightly opened at first (I am used to closing them) but then I got into this very calm place. Almost trance-like, very relaxing! I could feel like warm, buzzing energy balls in my hands that did spread up into my wrists and arms then I lost track of them. Feel reenergized now! Thanks Irene! ❤️🙏🍀
Eyes open meditation
I really struggled to keep my eyes open. I constantly wanted to close them all the way to the end of the meditation. Not sure why it was so difficult this morning. In the past I have done some meditations with eyes open and did fine.
eyes open
It helped that the room was dark to keep my eyes open. They adjusted easily. this was very calming before bed.
Eyes and third eye open
Good practice, to add the third eye to what is seen. I feel like my third eye still has an inner eyelid down, like a cat’s, but it’s a good intention to work on it. Namaste
Eyes open
I can Meditate with my eyes open, with just as much effect on the body and soul
Day 2
I felt relaxed and very calm. I feel like I can just drift off to sleep at any moment without having to worry about and kind of stress.
It was ok
It helped somewhat but I didn’t feel as if it was as good as the previous ones I have done
Eyes Open Meditation
I learned that I’m able to meditate with my eyes open not only closed! This mediation was different then what I’m used to but it was definitely beneficial and enjoyable. I have a sense of calm that I didn’t have before, I feel relaxed. This meditation was great to do before bed. Namaste 😌
Friday 28th
I need to try and not get distracted with other thoughts while meditating
It was like ‘not long enough please write more’ so I did write more, but I don’t rlly know what to write before this was a mistake
Gazing Eyes
This is a different meditation in which Irene tells us to keep our eyes slightly open while we listen. While listening to the 7 minute version, my eyes began to gaze while taking in some deep breaths and all of the sudden, I felt as if I was entering into a trance-like state of being. Balls of energy began to ignite my body as I listened to Irene’s soothing voice. After this wonderful meditation, my body and mind are energized, yet calm and relaxed. I really enjoyed this meditation. I know that as long as I keep an open mind, it doesn’t matter whether my eyes are open or closed while listening to meditations. Thank you Irene! 🙏🏻❤️😊Namaste!
Not Long Enough
This was a different meditation with eyes open, but it did not seem long enough to benefit from it.
Walter J
It was interesting to note I did this session 4 years ago for the first time…this time it was different. No trouble keeping eyes open with a soft gaze. But they kind of glazed over as I focused on my 3rd eye - it felt wide open as it received pulses of Energy. Warm & loving… I invited them in. I could sense these pulses being received at my forehead, then radiating in and down from my head thru my neck and into my body where they dissipated as waves of relaxation throughout my whole body. Very calming & reassuring… ahhh … Irene you still got it girl!! Thank you for expanding my practice and opening my awareness even further!! Much love to you & Blessings to your sessions❣️ ❤️🪬🍀