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Extend The Exhale To Activate Calm

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
This simple breath technique of gently extending the exhale can help quiet the mind and activate the relaxation response in the body. Often in a state of stress or emotional disturbance, we hold our breath, so intentionally extending the exhale counters breath-holding and invites the body to calm down.
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Breath of life
I felt more relaxed yet more in tune with my inner self by breath control.
I learned that if you meditate it will take everything off your mind
I learned that if do meditation they say meditation is an excellent thing because it helps you stay calm and quiet and I love the way it has been set up with the people I love the way the people they to help you relax I like the music and & the way that it’s put together they try to help you do the instructions and I like the way that you can ignore what’s on your mind or what is happening around you I love to meditate and I feel calm once I get done with meditation and I feel like I am just really relaxed positive thoughts are hitting me like a hurricane I love this app
Dr Dave
Extended exhale
I found myself not as bothered by the IBS cramps I was getting
I feel relaxed
I feel relaxed from anxiousness. My breath is slower and more rhythmic.
Fab breathwork session!
Grateful for the power of breath work, will definitely make it a priority to fit into my day!