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Exploring the Solar Plexus

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Dr. Toni
Physical Therapist, Energy Practitioner
*Guided Shamanic Journey* The solar plexus is the power center of the physical body. A healthy solar plexus is able to funnel energy from external sources into vital energy for the physical body. Balance, confidence, self-discipline, strength, and an abundance of energy is the hallmark of a healthy solar plexus. In contrast, an unhealthy solar plexus can lead to poor digestion, fatigue, feelings of worthlessness, low self-esteem, and narcissism. In today’s journey, you will explore the condition of your solar plexus chakra. Be sure to keep a journal close to record any details.
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4 reflections
Solar plexus
I loved that this visualization was a crystal for the chakra. My crystal is dull and cracked and I definitely need to cultivate this chakra more
Solar plexus
I could see my sacred place perfectly, but once I entered the solar plexus door it was pitch black and silent. My crystal, however was brilliant and clear but its light didn’t illuminate the dark space. It just glowed around the crystal.
Solar Plexus
Strand, 7 dører i sirkel, venstre dør, grått sted med regn og nedslitt, svart glitrende kule som var nedslitt
Solar Plexus Chakra
I noticed that tho the room was dark, the crystal was clean clear and luminous. The dark room was very peaceful with the soft light cast by the crystal. I saw some flowers around the room as well. But I think my mind needs more time for the visualizations, and I seem to be highly influenced by the suggestions. For example, I was admiring my clear crystal but when she asked if the crystal was dull or cracked, mine momentarily turned into what she was describing.
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