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Exploring the Heart Chakra

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Dr. Toni
Physical Therapist, Energy Practitioner
*Guided Shamanic Journey* In this meditation, you are guided to your heart space in the non-ordinary realm. Within this space, you will explore the condition of the energy center responsible for the expression of love. When this chakra is operating in its optimal state, you will be able to show love in all of your relationships including the most important relationship with yourself.
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4 reflections
I started crying during the session. I learned I still have a lot of work to do on opening my heart, loving and trusting myself. I’m grateful that I had this experience, so I can now start my proces of healing my heartchakra.
Fear Closes the Heart
A few weeks ago in a beautiful shrooms ceremony my heart cracked wide open. Days later I met someone. After I realized he didn’t want me the way I wanted him, I walked away. I also, so I realized during this meditation, that I’d closed my heart again. So many sweet tears. Thank you for bringing The Ancestors into this experience. I felt them, and know they will assist me in re-opening my heart. Namaste
I felt
I learned that there are paths or doors that lead to different chakras. I saw pink in the heart chakra and orange in the sacral Chakra. I want to explained why the there was a bright feeling when the crystal was brought up then it dulled. I wonder if I lost concentration or there’s something I need to say or do. Thank you for this practice.
Heart Chakra
Everything is dark. Even my sacred space, though I could still see the trees and rocks and pathway. The door was a dark green, the room was almost pitch black and my crystal was dull and cloudy.
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