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Explore Breath as a Pill

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Jaisa Sulit
Mindful Self-Compassion Coach & OT
Can meditation provide a form of medication? Inspired by Dr. David Etlin's poem called "If Breath were a Pharmaceutical" this practice guides us to explore the breath as a pill - yet unlike other pills, this pill has no side effects and is universally free.
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Walter J
Breathing is the natural cleanser of the Body, Mind & Soul. It is always available, plentiful and free. It brings in the positive nourishing Energy & takes away the negative toxic Energy. So breathe deep & often! When you think about it, breathing is what gives your blood & heart their red color. Since we symbolize love with a heart, breathing puts the color into Love ❤️❤️❤️
Explore breath as a pill
Always remember that if you are conscious of the breath you are present in the here and now. The breath is like a healthy vitamin for your body and mind.
Healing Powers
This awesome meditation reminds us of the healing powers that our breath gives us. Our breath is universally free. By being aware of our breath, we can learn how to shape our breath to increase our energy, focus or relaxation. Because of that, our breath is better than any energy drink we may buy. And, it is much better than any pill we can take. Our breath is always in the Now as well. Thus, when we focus on our breath, we too are brought into the Now. And, the Powers that the Now give us are endless, as it is the Only time in which we live and where we can learn, where we can heal and where we can grow. Becoming aware of where in my body I felt my breath, my nostrils, my chest, my belly and my shoulders came to mind as these parts were all moving with each inhale and exhale. Feeling the healing powers of detoxification and nourishment that each breath gave me, I began to feel rejuvenated. Each time my mind went off my breath and onto some thoughts, I gently brought my awareness back to my breath. Doing this time and time again, I know I am strengthening my focus. Knowing this, I refrain from getting frustrated and instead know that I am bettering my mind. By the end of this meditation, I thanked myself for taking this time to engage in my body-mind connection. I already feel better in my mind, body and soul! Thank you, Jaisa! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️