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Experiencing the Moment with New Eyes

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Jaisa Sulit
Mindful Self-Compassion Coach & OT
Mindfulness requires beginner's mind, the meeting of each moment with the curiosity of fresh new eyes - like a child experiencing something for the first time. With new eyes we are able to acknowledge the reality of the present moment instead of through the filters of our judgments. With new eyes we are able to experience that which we normally don't notice when we are on auto-pilot. Breathe and enjoy!
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How wonderful to be given the permission to have beginners breath and eyes! To be reminded that you can start again from wherever you are just to focus on your breath and body.
New eyes
Experiencing each moment as if it was your first. This way we do not take anything for granted and are open to the present moment just as it is.
New Eyes
When we experience the world through our eyes, our ears, our mouths and our touch it is very easy and normal to take them for granted. If we experience these things as if it were for the first time a whole new incredible world appears x🙏x thank you for this meditation
Today is the first day of the...
Back from a good trip up north wanted to regain my equilibrium to re-establish the daily rhythm and balance I cherish so much but my mind was in the clouds still on the airplane took a spill on my bike I was lucky was able to pick myself up and walk limp actually got the chain back on brushed myself off and rode home the crash was a reminder a reset a new beginning Today is the first day! “Home again I like to be here when I can and when I come home, home and tired it’s good to warm my bones beside the fire” - P.F.
Starting Again....
What a Beautiful lesson! I suffer with rheumatoid arthritis, waking up each morning with severe discomfort and pain. I often ask myself if it’s worth it to get out of bed and suffer further pain trying to walk and carry on with my day. This meditation has blessed me so much! I love the idea of starting each day brand new, as if newly born! It may not stop or fix the problem but it does lessen it dramatically! It also changes my mindset as though I’ve never hurt before. Thank you! It certainly makes each day easier and with a new appreciation for life! Young Widow 💕
This person talks like she’s a high school drama teacher...
It’s good to take a break from the consistency of life and learn to look at things as being new and exciting instead of the same boring routine
With little effort I can see life with new vision. Really take time to look and see what’s right before us. I saw the fluid motion of vapor from humidifier, it was as mesmerizing as fire.
Made me feel awakened, fresh and ready for my day. Helping me relax and “see with new eyes”
panic attack
soothed my body and mind but my heart is still pounding through my chest
Fresh look
Looking within and outside with fresh eyes gives me a new appreciation of my surroundings and my potential. Namaste
New eyes
It’s fun to look at textures, lines, and patterns as if seeing these ordinary marvels for the very first time. A good reminder of the beauty in nature and our ability to create beauty, too.
I Feel New
It’s time for me to let go of that negativity and start fresh. I see brighter bc all the heaviness that I had is lifted I feel almost happy.
Really helpful to hear about seeing each new experience and breath with beginners eyes and non-judgemental curiosity. It tied in really well to my therapy work this weekend
Day 2
Beginning to end. Sometimes you need to start over to see things differently.
I could not picture things as if they were new . My mind was preoccupied by the days events .
Good Mantra
I can change my perception via meditation anytime throughout the day.
My mind was wandering
I really have to work hard to stay focused on the meditation
First time
I felt lightened and happier after this. It is eye opening to think that everything changes when you look at them like they are brand new, never seen before. I am doing this to help with my new job and the anxiety that the changes bring
First session, The Mindful Soul
My mind wandered a bit. I am encouraged by the idea of seeing things as if it were the first time. It really seems to bring joy to common experiences.
A new perspective
I’ve been facing lots of new things lately. And I get overwhelmed and nervous because change kind of scares me, as I’m sure it does everyone a little. It helped to think about each day being a new day, a new experience. Letting go of what was and going into the new with a fresh and positive attitude! 🌻
Seeing with new eyes
I can’t visualize my body any differently than I do any other time. I’ve had it for so long and it is what it is. What I can do is pay more attention to the sounds, the textures, the feel, the smells of here and now. There are so many missed opportunities because I don’t pay attention. I need to take the time and smell the roses. 🙏🌷
New eyes
At first i was following, but soon my mind started chattering and i was distracted, so i attempted to re-focus and was able to a little more, but still chattering, but better than before
Day 96
I enjoyed this meditation but did not love the voice and wish it was a bit softer.
New moments
I learned that every moment is different and I should strive to be able to look at each moment as if I was experiencing it for the first time, because you basically are. Nothing is the same twice.
New Eyes
Thank you for this beautiful insight. I especially appreciated the reminder that each inhale and exhale was new and different from any other. With my new eyes I plan to enjoy this new day.🙏🏻
Return to innocence
This seems almost like a return to innocence and the ability to feel wonder.
Fresh Eyes
What a wonderful meditation to begin a new week with! In this meditation, we are to greet each moment with ‘Beginners Mind’. Beginners mind are where we take each moment we are given and greet it with a newfound child-like curiosity and wonder. I closed my eyes and began to have beginners mind with my breath. Noticing that each inhale and exhale are unique, I was becoming excited about my own breathing. With a child-like curiosity, I turned my focus to my body and noticed new sensations. As the narrator says, our bodies are different than it was the other day. There are new cells, new body. I really liked that saying! I opened my eyes and looked around, as if looking at my surroundings for the very first time. I saw leaves falling from the trees, smelled fresh air, heard birds chirping, felt the wind gently hit my skin while I took a drink of my iced coffee and tasted the chilled coffee sensation in my mouth. What an incredible moment! Taking in each moment with beginners mind has given me fresh eyes! Namaste...my Aura tribe! ❤️☮️🙏🏻😊
November 4, 2019 awareness to the body
I can have still time in the morning to focus solely on meditation. I liked the sounds and voice of this specific meditation. when she talked about bring focus to the body, I noticed my legs being glittery and anxious like a hurry up feel, felt pain between my shoulder blades and noticed the rest of of my body being still.
Fresh perspective
With this meditation I realized how refreshing it can be to the mind and body to look at things as if you’ve never seen them before. The colors of the tree in the backyard, the dogs wet fur from taking a bath, and on and on...
Live Life with Fascination
When she mentioned opening my eyes, I teared up. I was in awe of the view I usually see everyday but it wasn't the same. New eyes, new appreciation. A simple moment lived with fascination is so life-giving. Thank you.
Experience the moment
Better. Calming. Liked her voice, I was alert didn’t drift off
Jamie 💜
New eyes
This one just didn't do it for me. Not enough information or guidance before she's telling you to open your eyes and see things with "new eyes" and I did the 7 minute meditation
Beginner's Mind
We need to appreciate everything afresh. We change, we are not the same as we were. New every morning. Be childlike in seeing everything new.
I felt like I was back when I was little and the feeling of wonder and excitement came in the thrill of just being a live when you are young 💜life is just fun and joyous
Open to exploring everything life has to offer with no fear ! Open with free expression without holding back.
New cells, new me
Easy to understand opportunity to practice Beginner’s mind because we literally are changing every day. Namaste
Curiosity and Kindness
By embodiment of beginners mind, we look at all of our experiences with fresh eyes, or in other words, with a kind and curious nature. This incredible meditation embodies what it means to encompass the two wings of awareness, mindfulness and compassion. When we are mindful, our true nature naturally arises to meet each moment with compassion. Sitting, I brought a sense of curiosity to my breath. Noticing the invigorated feeling of the inhale and the calming feeling of the exhale. Moving onto sensations in the body, mind and heart I brought kindness and curiosity to the energy that was present. Opening my eyes, I brought a sense of curiosity to my surroundings. Noticing colors, textures, lines, sounds and this body standing here in this space. With fresh eyes, I am bringing a sense of curiosity and kindness to everything and everything I encounter today. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️