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Experiencing Emotions Without Judgment

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We can find it difficult to experience our emotions, particularly when we get caught up in judging our emotions as bad or unwanted. This meditation allows you to experience your emotions in a way that feels tolerable and manageable.
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Judgement is a weapon
Used too much, or too often, it would turn me into a cactus, untouched, alone in the desert of my thoughts. I'd rather be a rose, a few thorns are inevitable and necessary, but the core remains open, vulnerable, always true.
The fields the trees in all bush and brush, a great big tree falling into a landfill an image becoming a metaphor
💋Emotions💄Elena💄Alive 💋
So many Emotions surround me. My husband Travels out of Town every week to provide for us as Head of House. I deal with his Emotions he has a Great Job but it keeps him out of State for 4days a week. He get Extremely Emotional he hates leaving us. We have such a big Family dealing with there Emotions the kids reach out to both of us all the time which I a lot. I find myself wrapped up in teaching helping worrying listening coping hearing thinking preparing handling my all of my kids Emotions. The Emotions I have are that I am a Catholic Christian Wife,Mom, Woman, I say my Blessings Pray Give Thanks to God Everyday. I still manage to keep up with Myself as a SexyWoman by Relaxing Meditating Breathing at appropriate times I put on Makeup I just in the manner that I want to and in the mood that I'm in and appropriate times. I get a manicure and pedicure. These are things I do for myself because I need and want them for me I can forget about me. I do things for everybody including me. 💋
Placing your bad
Placing your bad vibes on a leaf really helped me. I’m going to start doing that every time I get a negative thought
Experiencing Emotion w/o judgement
My body knows how to tolerate emotions. These feelings are necessary. Don't let your emotions take charge.
Experiencing emotions
I learned that I could feel my emotions in my body and that I reacted to those emotions. I have to recognize them and be willing to let them go.
Drift away
Letting emotions pass, cause create one to be more mindful of what's most salient.
I learned that it’s important to fully experience emotions, even if you perceive them as negative. Emotions are normal and it’s okay to feel things.
Letting go of the emotion.
It was very helpful to have the visualization of of the leaf and placing the emotion on it and placing it on the river and watching it float on by. The first emotion left quite quickly- while the second one seemed to take its time swaying slower back and forth down the river. And what would that emotion be? Anxiety, of course! But I am happy to say for the moment it is probably living somewhere (in a van) down (by) the river!!! Good meditation- thank you!
Experience emotions without judgement
What a meaningful important lesson to learn I have always overlooked this aspect of myself .
The Green River of Thoughts
Sit on the bank watch them float by It won’t be long ‘till the bad ones are gone Joy and laughter is will come again just around the bend upstream “And daddy won't you take me back to Muhlenberg County Down by the Green River where Paradise lay Well, I'm sorry my son, but you're too late in asking Mister Peabody's coal train has hauled it away”
Feel your feelings
It is important to remember that emotions serve functions and that they are not good or bad - we shouldn’t shame ourselves for having or not having a certain feeling.
Bad news.
I guess I’m struggling to comprehend when I going on in my head and my mind is all over the place. But some people just want different things and think some things are okay to do even though I think they’re not. Oh well. Just a rough day not a rough life.
I'm really nervous about an upcoming house sitting job for a neighbor. I've never live away from home and I keep imagining every thing that could happen. I know the likelihood of any one breaking in isn't high but it doesn't keep me from worrying. Tonight helped me to accept the feelings of anxiety and not judge myself for feeling nervous.
Emotions are necessary
As a borderliner, everyday is constant battle of my emotions and thoughts. Through this session I learned that I can tolerate these emotions. I know that they will come and go, nevertheless it might feel eternity at the moment. I should be more curious about these emotions instead of fighting them and wishing them to be gone.
Your emotions
It’s not a bad thing to feel but don’t let the emotion overcome you. Acknowledge it, embrace it, and let it go.
Not judging
Do not judge your emotions, just let them be. Not necessarily good or bad, they are simply there (and for a reason even if this reason is unknown)
Emotions rise and fall
Noticing where emotions are in the body is helpful. Judging them isn’t. This meditation reminded me of a book “Feeling Buried Alive Never Die”. When she said just to notice where they are in the body it made me realize, not paying attention to them only buried them. Maybe I am not actively stuffing or repressing, ignoring my emotional voice is just as harsh as stuffing.
Clouds Vs Sky
I have heard before that your emotions are just clouds while you are the sky. So this imagery helped me.
Walter J
This was a completely different experience for me. Came home very angry tonight (which is an uncomfortable, unusual state that I do not have much experience with) It kept building all night. (Law of Attraction even brought raccoons to mess up my garbage!) Getting ready for bed and listened to this (while sitting up) & felt my heart wrapped with barbed wire (like I’ve seen on some tattoos). But she said it was ok to feel this as it was, assured me it served some purpose. I was to not worry about it, not judge it & just accept it. As I did, it suddenly became ok...!?! How did that happen so quickly & easily?!
Connecting emotion to phys
I’ve always thought of emotions as being something different than any *thing* so physical. This was a good mediation to help me connect that, and remember not to judge emotions as they are part of our journey.
Not judging
This is a useful meditation. Really enjoyed reading others' responses and focusing on allowing myself to feel what I am currently feeling - I deserve to not judge myself for feeling this and it serves a purpose. Saving this for later.
Experiencing Emotions
Emotions are natural and we experience them for a reason—very insightful. Stuffing or ignoring them only perpetuates the problem.
Importance of emotions...
Lots of things come to light when you allow the time to be alone with yourself and zero in on where the discomfort you’re experiencing is. Emotions can show you where you need to heal, and gives you the opportunity to forgive yourself. ❤️
Calming the waters
Instead of being rapids and twisted channels, I will flow with the river of my emotions, riding them out to calmer waters.
Jeg lærte at jeg må la følelsene være der. De har en mening og er der for en grunn.
Sadness...emotion without judgement
Sometimes you have to let your emotions run their course. I couldn’t help but tearfully cry during this meditation.
Emotions without judgement
Great reminder that emotion is there for a reason. Powerful experience to embrace it rather than fighting the emotion.
Session 2
I realized that my anxiety is coming for the potential judgement of other of where i am and how i am living my life. How i am perceived by others. I feel like i should let this go and be more concerned with with my beautiful surroundings and how they make me feel and less about others. My chest feels a bit tight with anxiety.
My body
I learned that not everyone is constantly judging the way I look and my negative emotions might be clouding my judgement. This was truly eye opening
Thought on a leaf
I felt like this was a recycled meditation that I’ve already heard about putting the thought on a leaf.
Emotions need there space and time , embrace the moment , just don’t stay
Judgement of emotions
I felt relief to know my emotions are real and I can just feel them. Don’t judge and let go.
De alguna forma, el comenzar a experimentar las emociones de una manera un poco más diferente me ha hecho darme cuenta que el balance razón- sentimiento que habita en mi está mucho más en control, ya que, anteriormente, mi “sentimiento” tenía miedo de aflorar, mientras que mi “razón” no quería darse el lujo de ser juzgada. Ahora simplemente me importa un reverendo comino lo que los demás piensen o sientan por mi, mientras que yo pueda estar en control de lo verdaderamente mío, y eso de alguna forma impacte en algo de valor, es más que suficiente.
judgement and emotions
I have to let go of judgement, and understand that what I’m feeling is okay, it is okay. Just keep breathing, and imagine your emotions just floating away.
Not Rushing to Judgment or Expecting It
I generally judge my emotions because I’m afraid if I express them they will be judged, so I beat others to the punch. I can acknowledge an emotion without attaching a harmful or judgmental label like guilt over my anger or sadness. I can feel each emotion without increasing or creating a negative experience.
I needed this practice
I really needed this meditation! I was so angry, and this practice helped me to remember that it is ok to feel this emotion. Also, that this feeling is valid, and that I don’t need to change or do anything. I can just be with this anger, and that it will pass and I will be ok.
Mind refresher
Emotions come and go and we should feel free to experience it but to make decisions without emotions in life sometime and other times not
I learned that it is okay for me to feel my emotions and not to feel judged by others when feeling those emotions. If they do judge me that is a reflection of themselves and their lack of self awareness. Emotions are necessary to learn as much as possible about yourself. Don’t suppress those emotions. Feel them.
Experiencing Emotions Without Judgement
The idea of putting thoughts on a leaf and sending them downstream was powerful for me.
I needed this
Emotions come and go, but they are there so accept them. Didn’t know how much I needed this meditation till today.