Seeing the ‘Unseen’
In this jam packed life coaching session, Tudor explains the difference between seeing the obvious and seeing the unseen and the importance of experiencing this shift as we go along our path of life. Seeing our past and future as a series of pictures, our brain is built to seek out the obvious or rather, highlights. There is one major problem with this. Living our life only seeing the obvious, we are jumping from one thing to the next without fully appreciating the time in between, or the process. In this way, we are not available to see the unseen. We definitely aren’t fully living each and every moment of every day. In fact, boredom and anxiety becomes the norm as we wait for the next best thing to happen in our life. Listening to Tudor explain how to make the shift from only seeing our highlights to seeing the unseen in between, I was reminded of something called beginners mind. A simple concept to grasp really, beginners mind is seeing everything as if for the very first time. Living this way, excitement and appreciation for the process becomes the norm. It will require patience, presence, trust and an allowance. However, if we choose to see the process instead of just the obvious, our life will be changed forever. By dancing our way to the performances of our life, we will remember the steps it took to get to where we are. Appreciating every step and misstep, we allow the music of life to flow through us. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️