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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
This is a beautiful practice to help you cultivate your natural state of inner peace. Use this meditation often to experience this blissful state of inner peace. Sat Nam! Dorothy
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11 reflections
Release, surrender
A beautiful, simple and effective meditation. As I sat there I named and released some of the things that were causing me pain and stress. It was an exercise in surrender. I'm saving this one.
Peaceful surrender
Growing up I leaned most things are good or bad, right or wrong, valued or not valued. I learned shame. I learned perfectionism. I learned addiction, struggle & turmoil. Acceptance leads to inner peace. Now I know that I do not need to value or label everything. When I accept it, I have inner peace.
Inhale love, exhale negativity
What a wonderful meditation to center and ground myself. I sometimes find myself stuck in a past negative thought or image. This truly helped in reminding myself I have the power to choose my thoughts, to breathe in joy and exhale that which no longer serves me.
Mind chatter
Very powerful today. Couldn't' quiet it enough to focus. That's ok. There will be days like this.
Inner Peace
Inner Peace comes into my body and relives me of worry, stress, anxiety and any other thoughts that keep me from being my best self. Breathe in beautiful thoughts, breathe out what you do not need.
Breathe Out the Noise
My mind was wandering a log during this initially. Then I really began to focus on breathing out the noise / bad, etc. I now feel much more relaxed and ready to sleep with a quiet mind.
Cultivate inner peace and calm
Everything lesson taught by Dorothy Ratusny is “ masterful “.
I definitely felt better after this session, I find myself really enjoying most of Dorothy’s content
Inner peace
I learned that inner peace can be achieved easily and quickly with this exercise.
Sacred Place
When we look inward, go deep within ourselves, we can cultivate our inner peace. We get comfortable with ourselves, acknowledging our thoughts, feelings and emotions in this moment. Then, we go even deeper to a place where only stillness exists, a place where the breath, body and spirit are one. Turning inward, I settled in, became aware of my thoughts, feelings and emotions and allowed them to just be as they were. Then, I turned my awareness to my breathing. With every inhale, I envisioned life force energy and peacefulness enter through my nostrils, filling up my body with a sense of energy, yet serenity at the same time. With every exhale, I rid my body of all that no longer serves me, most notably any nervousness and any complaints. In this sacred place, there are no problems. In this sacred place, there is calm. In this sacred place, there is aliveness. In this sacred place, I have cultivated my inner peace. If we have a willingness to go deep within ourselves, bring awareness to our breath, we will find peacefulness, we will find calmness and we will find our wisdom. As Rumi says, “Listen to silence. It has much to say.” Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
You had me at
My namesake. Those words boomed inside me, shook and awoke something. Words fail. Thank you.
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