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Evolve or Repeat! Growth Is Optional!

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Teena Jones
Life Coach and Healer!!
To grow means you have to grow through the dirt of your life, from unhealthy relationships, illness, or diseases to financial woes, to get to the other side. Yes, it can be messy, but to remain the same is no longer an option. Cheers~
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Evolve or Repeat
If I repeat the same things every day I will not evolve. I will not reach a higher frequency. I have to work. Hard. I must. The universe is in tune with my vibration. So, if I'm spending time with thoughts and feelings about something that I know isn't what I want for myself, the universe is going to give me more of it! The universe doesn't care about my words. It cares about my actions, my frequency. There's a lot to consider there. Thank you Teena.
Pete and Repeat were sitting on a fence...
I can see how much I've changed over the last year. That being said, I've started noticing negative patterns showing up in personal relationships again. And that became my focus: hurt, anger, sadness. Now I know why something new happened every day that felt like I was being trapped in this negative cycle: that was where my mind was stuck. Excited to try shifting my focus to better happier things: peace, joy, adventure, LIFE. Tuning in to better frequencies.
I felt motivated to make a change.
I learned that I need to remind my self to resist the turbulence and continue
Evolve or repeat
It wasn't until the point you mentioned how the obstacles (a person or people) will have no choice to move out of your way that I realized I HAVE made progress in changing. Thank you, Teena!!
Things around me are changing rapidly. I feel refocused and Re energized to Keep Going. The energy I put Out… will help reorganize the things around me. I Choose Evolution! Love it! Thank you!
Truly powerful. I’ve been working hard to change and when I didn’t do it perfectly, I quit. Hearing about moving forward despite imperfections, changing MY vibration ( not controlling others), it clicked. I have been praying with tears in my eyes for help. God, help me change, not hurt, and not react in anger. Prayer answered via Teena’s message. Thank you ,Teena, for being my vessel this morning. 🙏 Peace