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Escaping Abuse: Why We Stay, How to Leave, 4 Strategies to End the Cycle

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
In this episode I want to remind you of the power that you hold to choose for yourself the right and best relationship, and how you can stay clear of relationships that are damaging and abusive. I also wish to illustrate how living with abuse, perpetuates a cycle of dependency and the eradicating of one's self-worth and sense of self; and I will share the story of my client 'Beth', and the four strategies to prevent you from finding yourself in an abusive relationship and enable you to leave. TRUTH SERUM: There are many forms of abuse. Abuse is, by definition, the mistreatment of another; whether intentional or as a facet of one's consistent actions that one may not be self-aware of. A-HA MOMENTS: Abuse in the traditional variant forms that we categorize as physical, emotional, and psychological all originate with one's thoughts and beliefs; that is what one tells one's self and justifies in being discriminating, hurtful, and disrespectful towards another, and how one's misguided intentions can lead into a situation and a relationship that is both damaging and abusive. PRACTICAL WISDOM: We know that relationships that are unhealthy and abusive are also complex and complicated. We stay in these relationships for different reasons; whether because we have convinced ourselves that there is something of benefit to us in staying; or we anticipate the enormous effort it will take to execute our decision to leave. We stay because we tell our self that the "relationship is really not that bad"; that maybe "we deserve how we are being mistreated"; and in some cases, we may tell ourselves "we don't care." If you are listening to this episode because something deep within you is yearning for help, guidance, and perhaps validation of what you know but have been afraid to believe, I hope that in listening, you will allow your inner voice to become louder, to rely on it for what you know is true and to be willing to care for yourself first with the knowledge that you are not alone, that you will get through this; that you will feel better, happier, and stronger; and that if and when you choose it, you can and will find the right partner and the love that you truly want. If you need my help, please reach out to me: Namaste! xo
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8 reflections
Within yourself
Look within yourself for things to improve. I absolutely loved this meditation because often times we feel like we dont deserve much, and what little we do have, we tend to sabotage it. There's no amount of words or even actions, that can make us sympathetic to our own selves, but hopefully, by meditating, breathing in & out in a specified timeframe, we can find value and even the validation we so desperately crave: right from within.
Feel more enlightened
I learned that it’s okay to acknowledge certain behaviors and not mark them as normal just because you are used to them .
I felt validation
I learned that a lot of people justify bad behavior as “not that bad”. I did. Learning how to navigate after 20 years in abuse.
I just did a new meditation and it was amazing
I just did a new meditation and it was really really amazing it was called coming home to yourself and yes I ❤️ed it I really really ❤️ed it it relaxed me and it calmed me down it let me know you know hey there’s no need to worry anymore the good lord is always with us and I’m always at peace and quiet and staying calm I noticed that a lot of these meditations play relaxing music and I like that a lot
I’m seriously loving these meditations because they are great
I’m seriously loving these meditations because they are great and they put me in a relaxed mood and a relaxing possession and I really feel that this helps me relax and stay calm and be at peace and quiet and helps me sleep and relax everything and I have seizures so it helps me with them as well I love the way people are always helping you relax and stay calm and be at peace the color blue is what makes every thing peaceful I have noticed that when I meditate that god’s saying don’t worry I am going to take care of it Margo that is why I love meditations
I’m seriously thinking about ok this meditation worked through all of us
I’m seriously thinking ok this meditation has worked through all of us because it’s brought me to the point where I just need to relax and feel god’s love and presence and I don’t mean to avoid anything or anyone I just can’t take my family off my mind and meditation is the only thing that helps me I learned that if I meditate long enough it helps me relax and stay calm and quiet and be at peace and god’s with me and I love the color blue I noticed that when I meditate I hear a lot of relaxing music and that is god’s way of saying come on in Margo I’ll help you out
Escaping abuse
I'm mistreating myself by allowing a toxic person to hurt me. Tough to hear, but I needed to hear it. 😞
Recognizing Toxic Relationships
I learned that I might be living with several toxic relationships right now and have been most of my life. I am a codependent and and a caregiver. It is part of my nature. I need to break this cycle to free myself from the pain and suffering I am experiencing in my life because I feel unworthy of normal relationships. How do I continue to do this? I need more help and more skills. How do I actually tell the difference between the users and those that are just codependents like me? I am confused and I don’t want to close the door on the love of my life.
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