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Erase Anxiety With Vagus Nerve Toning

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Jim Donovan M.Ed.
Wellness Expert, Healing with Sound
Teach your nervous system to be calm on demand with this beginner-friendly vocal toning session. The vibration of your voice stimulates the vagus nerve—helping to ease anxiety by turning on your body's "rest, digest, and restore" function—also known as the parasympathetic nervous system. Think of the vagus nerve as an elaborate pathway that connects the brain to the body. It originates in the brain and travels throughout the neck and torso connecting each bodily system along the way. This exercise also signals the body to create “feel-good chemicals” including dopamine, endorphins, and oxytocin. For best results, do your best to stay with the exercise and repeat whenever you're ready for relaxation for at least 30 days.
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4 reflections
I have a plan for the Jason convo if Seth calls me on it. Why is anything too short
Juliana Oppenheimer
Sound and sensation
I really enjoyed this and want to make a practice of it. Thank you.
Sound as Medium
I experienced much less mind wandering while focusing on internal sensations of sound on different parts of the body. Enjoyed this.
Grounded, Focused
Following this exercise, within my body and mind I felt grounded, focused, and filled with resonating positive vibes that continue to last well after the exercise ended. I feel stronger, both physically and mentally.