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Energy Meditation

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Irene Zwaan
Hypnotherapist & Energy Healer
Keep your energy clean. Don't mix up with other energies. Stay in your own energy field. Makes you feel more calmer and stronger inside.
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Aura meditation
A meditation to stay in your own energy. Makes you feel more stronger. Learn in 7 minutes how to controle your energyfield by practice. Try daily and feel the difference.
Stay in your own energy
Stay strong! Because you can ! Use your own energy....,.......
Restless ?
Learn to stay in your own energy. Feel more rest in your body.
Restored my Aura 💙
I learned how to bring energy back to my body and feel it all around me. I really needed to find this energy to jump start my day. Thanks Irene, for helping restore my Aura around me, now I feel calm with an abundance of energy. Namaste 🙏
I didn't understand
I did not understand the teaching here. My pal Cyndee liked this so I went ahead and tried it this morning, but couldn't grasp the idea of the session. At all. Bummer, dude. 😒
Irene, I followed your suggestions and could feel the wonder of the change occurring. I am a genuine empath, since birth, and my entire life I have often absorbed the energy of others, not because I choose to. Often the energy absorbed is not positive energy and needs to be removed from an empathetic person or we seem to lose ourselves. I have spent much time learning how to protect my own energy field. This exercise actually works. I have studied energy medicine and this meditation goes right along with all I have learned, hand in hand. Thank you so much for this swift and basically.effortless practice. 🙏🏻Namaste
Walter J
Wauwie!! What a powerful 7 min that was!! Irene opened by distracting me with lifting & flexing & then I discovered my HUGE aura!Thankfully, my imagination was able to envision a parachute big enough to actually fit around it! I started pulling on all these drawstrings to reel it in closer to my body and I could feel the heat building from all this Energy condensing around me. It was like the vibrations got more excited but slowed down & somehow organized themselves into a very dense 2” shield like/armor protection layer right next to my skin. It felt great, like a perfectly fitted custom body blanket that could protect me from anything & everything... ahhh ... I feel safe, very strong & pure like I am gold plated. Thanks Irene this is a great tool to have in my life chest for when I need it!! ❤️☮️🍀💪🏼
Often caught in others energies?
This meditation helps you to stay strong in your own energy and not get into other feelings from others. This will keep you strong!
Energy circles
A good intention for my food shopping day, a day I encounter so many strangers, to be aware of the energy I am radiating as well as that of my fellow shoppers, clerks, and drivers/walkers/ bicyclists and try to keep it positive and progressive. Namaste
We all have an Aura, or an energy that wraps around us. Some of us have large Auras and can actually absorb other people’s Aura while we are in close proximity with them. This meditation teaches us how we can pull in our Auras towards ourselves as a sort of protective mechanism. Irene had me visualize a parachute around my Aura and I began to pull it closer and closer to my body. A heavy blanket of warmth laid over me making me feel safe, strong and protected. I will remember this very useful tool and utilize it whenever I feel as though I need to stay within my own Aura. Thank you, Irene for a very powerful meditation! 🙏🏻❤️😊
Walter J
Being able to reign in our aura and create a safe space around us is such a good idea. I tend to trust others almost to a fault, so it is wise to have some protection for when we need to keep those with negative energies from entangling with us and slowing us down or possibly harming us. Thanks again Irene! ❤️🔐🍀
Walter J
Doing this session again was a little different this time. My Aura was more compact already (from last time) so it was easier to get my parachute round it. I could feel the density getting thicker or harder as I pulled my chords in. Then I realized I was creating a protective layer around me, like bark on a tree. How appropriate I thought. Now I can survive the many storms in life & the negative energies that many people and the media display too often. Then a second related thought came to me. A dog barks often times to protect itself from a perceived threat. So I am getting my bark on for double protection! ❤️🌳🐕🍀
Thank you
Just hearing Irene’s voice is always uplifting. She is an amazing teacher.
Absolutely incredible
I feel healed, grounded & protected by my angles and spirts.