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Energy Exchange with Mother Earth

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Jaisa Sulit
Mindful Self-Compassion Coach & OT
This is a great meditation to bring the grounding, calming and feminine energies of mother earth. In a world full of masculine energy this practice will help bring balance and harmony to your body.
From the community
6 reflections
It’s was very easy for me to connect with my feminine energy and I am in love with this beautiful exercise that helped me become more feminine and feel like a legit blooming flower. I have let go of my old roots and I am going to do this meditation again tomorrow morning
Giving and Receiving
Energy is all around us and within us. Indeed, the Universe and our body are made up of energy. When we truly think about it, we have an energy exchange with Earth each time we breath. The oxygen we breath in is given to us by trees. We take this oxygen into our body and convert it into carbon dioxide, which in turn, the trees use to convert back into oxygen. This awesome energy exchange is happening all around us, all the time! In this incredible meditation, Jeisa has us visualize having an energy exchange with Mother Earth by tapping into receiving Chi, or life force energy, from the core of the Earth and letting stagnant energy, or energy that no longer serves us, flow out of our body and back into the core of the Earth. I became aware of my breath and began visualizing roots growing, every which way, out from the bottom of my feet and tapping into the core of the Earth. This is where the magic began. With each in breath, I began receiving Chi, feeling this life force energy flowing into my roots and into my body, aligning with my spine, and filling my body with this incredible light. With each out breath, I gave all of the stagnant energy inside my body back to the core of the Earth by blowing it out of my chest, through my legs, into and out of the bottom of my feet, down my roots and into the core of the Earth. After a while of this giving and receiving, this incredible light expanded beyond my body and filled up the entire room. Feeling this new vitality flow throughout my entire body, I began to smile. My heart is filled with gratitude for this giving and receiving, for Knowing that I, you, all of us are indeed, part of the One! Thank you, Mother Earth...Thank you, Universe! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Growing Roots
This meditation you visualize yourself growing roots into the ground like a tree to connect with Mother Earth. As you inhale, you are breathing in fresh new energy into your body. And as you exhale you are breathing out old stagnant energy or any emotions that not long serve you into the earth. It feels good to get rid of that old energy. I could feel my mind and body being nourished with this new positive energy. Thank you Cherish for your wonderful reflection on this one yesterday which led me to this meditation. Wonderful way to start my day.
Mother Earth
I leaned that Mother Earth Is a healer. We can rely on Mother Earth for healing when ever we need to.
Earth child
I always feel more connected thinking about our relationship with the earth and it’s beings. I’m grateful for this meditation and the energy it brought me.
I love Mother Earth. She calls to me everyday. I am so grateful to be surrounded in her beauty.
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