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Energy Enhancer

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Bradley T. Morris
Meditation Guide, Author, Creator, Coach
Breath is life. This breath technique practiced in this meditation is going to help you increase your energy levels and feel activated for the day moving forward.
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Nice session! Thank you!
The breathing pattern was a bit quick for my big barrel chest/lungs, but that was easily adjusted on the fly!
Motivated 🌞
I needed some extra energy today to get motivated. My work schedule is ever changing lately and it feels like I have two Monday’s and no weekends. This energy enhancer really helpful.
Energy enhancer
I was especially tired tonight because I couldn’t fall asleep last night until around 6:00 am. I still have to drive home, so need to be fully awake! This meditation did that for me and more!
Lunch Breack
I learned that this at my lunch helps me wake back up and be ready to finish out my day on a good note.
Helped so much
I have a disability and simply going through my daily tasks can make me so exhausted by mid day. I do take liquid B-12 to help because medication alone brings down my energy but this added really helped today. I favorited it, so that I can keep coming back to it! Good stuff.
Energizing Breath
I realized that the pace of the breathing was a little fast for me, I prefer a slower more mindful reflective breathing practice. However, I loved the concept of being thankful for the body and life, so I followed along with the meditation, breathing at my pace. The background music was such that it didn’t conflict with my slower pace.
Energized Start to the Day
I smile realizing for the first time that I can consciously change my energy level.
This is a wonderful meditation to start the day with. This morning I’m diffusing a renew oil blend while doing this meditation. I’m feeling energized and ready to start the day in good spirits. This would be a great one to return to in the middle of the day when I’m feeling that afternoon slump for a pick me up.
Gets Me Going
This may be my favorite short meditation. The combination of the music, the breathing exercise and the natural energy of the instructor plus oxygenation really picks my energy level up and my outlook improves even when it’s good to begin with. While this is more of a review than a lesson I’ve learned, this meditation really deserves to be socialized. So a review it is.
Energy Enhancer
I love meditations from The Meditation Mastery Collection. There has not been one meditation that I haven’t liked and this one is no exception. This meditation focuses on an energy breath. Once you get the breathe down and are able to follow along, you begin to feel your body come alive. Breathe in life and with every out breath, letting everything go. Your mind is full of clarity and your body is rejuvenated. Smile in knowing that you created an energy shift in your body. Go share this energy with everyone you meet today! Have an energetic day! ❤️🙏🏻😊
Walter J
While I often like the longer slower breathing on many meditations, this was not one of those! He got us relaxed and then started pumping us up with a nice rhythmic power breathing that did produce an energetic shift in my body and now I am ready to go, go, go! Great morning meditation or pick me up for the afternoon, maybe not so good if you are trying to relax and wind down... I just love having the tools to be able to, in 2-3 minutes, either rev ourselves up or calm ourselves down depending what the situation calls for. Breathing is way more important than just staying alive! It allows us to adjust to and live life to the fullest! Cowabunga!! ❤️🏄🏻‍♂️🍀
This is our group meditation for the morning? Yeah, after Cherish, Walter, Kathy and Debb reflected, how could I NOT try it myself?!? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I don’t think I got nearly what my tribe members did out of this...but I DID give it a try! Namaste gang! Make it a GREAT Monday!
Kristen 🧘🏻‍♀️
Powerful breathing technique.
This is an incredibly powerful way to summon up energy at any time of day.
Wake Up
This morning I woke up feeling a little sluggish. After doing this powerful breathing technique, I feel awake, energized, and ready to start my day.
Just wow. Nuff said.
I felt like my whole body was vibrating with energy. Awesome breath work.
Light & Energy
This brought light and energy within and helped me separate from sluggish thoughts.
I feel so much better now! New air in my lungs, happy thoughts, and cells that are vibrating with life :)
I learned a new breathing technique and I love it! I’m feeling a beautiful general sense of calmness and focus.
Teresa Cunanan
I felt better when I started this relaxation techniques
I learned to relax myself using these 3 breath and hum method
This was amazing
I learned a new way to breath and this energized me up thank you
Clears the mind
Very nice breath practice- I feel much more interested in doing some daily life tasks that I was dreading:) so was quite effective for me and very much worth a few minutes of my morning ...
I feel great
That really did help me gain energy and clear my mind. Plus, the music was great
Getting settled in my chair with a smile on my face, I went inward to connect with my breath. Doing a few rounds of conscious breaths, I was primed to do the energy enhancer breath. Following Bradley’s lead, I began to breathe in three short bursts of air, pause at the top and then hum on my out breath. As I continued doing this simple breath, I could feel my overall energy level rise. After completing roughly ten rounds, I went back to my regular breath. Scanning my body from my feet to my head, I sensed the buzzing within. With the trillions of cells bouncing off of one another now and fully embracing this amazing buzzed state I have just created, I intend on making this a great and productive day! Namaste, my Aura family! 😃🙏🏻❤️☮️
I felt like I’ve started the day with a positive action
I learned that doing one small healing thing first thing in the morning sets a precedents for the remainder of your day.
Feeling great!
I love Bradley's meditations. The music he uses is perfect. This breathing meditation actually left me feeling very energized. Wonderful way to start my day. Thank you 💜
Felt amazing
I feel so energized and I can tell it’s an energy coming from deep within my body and I’m amazed at how well this meditation worked! Loved it.
Let go of past times. Absorb in the now. Share the energy you hold with others that are enduring.
This was a perfect meditation and breathing exercise for energy and clarity.
My cells and energy centers are so receptive to energy intentionally being pulled in through the breath. Very grateful for this practice 🙏🏻
Energesied breathing
Being grateful is an attribute that propels you away from revenge and vengeance that intoxicates the soul.
Energy Enhancer
I liked this very simple and straightforward session! The time flew by and before I knew it I was done. I felt a bit more energetic and definitely more calm and positive. This one will become part of my”Emergency” set of sessions that I use when I start to feel particularly stressed and overwhelmed.
Walter J
Filling ...
This quick energy booster breathing technique filled me with fresh air energy while expelling old used energy. I could feel my trillions of cells clapping and cheering for the rush of oxygen they were getting from the 3 burst in breathe. They filled themselves with oxygen and then ran off to deliver it to the rest of the body. So everyone (all trillions of those little cells) was happy!! Now to take this energy to my day... ❤️💪🏼🍀
My temple
My body is my temple. I noticed how my lungs felt different as I breathed in through my nose or mouth. I need to be more aware of my body. I live in it
Energy Enhancer
I liked this meditation, but it is just a shortened version of the 10 minute energy enhancer meditation, which I prefer more, since you get 3 rounds of breathing, instead of just one.
Energy enhancer
I love that I can feel my cells vibrating at a higher level after this meditation and will definitely give the 10 minute version a go. Thank you 🙏
A tool to give myself energy when I am dragging my ass behind me!
I enjoyed this meditation. Not feeling well and the proud posture and active breath made me feel a little better .
Energy Enhancer
I felt a little “buzzed” at the start of the three part breath. That leveled out to feel more “clean” if that makes sense. This was a great meditation for the morning.
Breath work
I learned a new energizing breath technique. I felt tingling in my lips. I definitely am energized mentally to go and share my positive energy.
Energy breathing exercise
I felt my cells through out my body vibrating I felt the energy and it was great!
Wow 🤩
I am grateful to you. You are truly amazing and the effect you have upon me mentally with the other meditations I practice of yours today elevated to the physical! What an amazing meditation and breathing technique. I admit by the last breath I was beginning to feel somewhat light headed but golly I was so charged and beaming with energy I now am. Breath is such an important aspect of our being. I have slowly again taught myself to breathe. The choice made when I chose to heal myself from the past few years I have suffered with depression and anxiety. I unconsciously developed several habitual breathing techniques which caused me to breath shallow and rapidly at times. My tummy constantly drawn in. My muscles over this period of time memorised this position and that is how I have lived the past few years! Today through focus and awareness I have begun to breathe more relaxed 😌 and with this my mental state also followed. Calmer I am, stronger mentally and healthier physically as I draw blessed full breaths and oxygen into my Devine cells. Breath. JUST BREATH. I may not express how much of an impact it is having in my healing journey. It calms the mind, soothes the soul and heals the body..be patient and remain focused and aware. Throughout my days I had to check my breath many times to realign it. Posture an enormous partner to it. Stand straight and confident for you are truly Devine as are we all. I slowly reminded myself of this. With my improved posture, slowly I re trained my muscles to relax and with that an improvement in my breathe followed. Daily each morning I practice proper posture and breathing and carry it through my days. Each day, less frequently I need check and correct as once I again I return to my perfect state.. it may be achieved. Infinite we are in that which we may create. Focus and awareness, choice, action, BELIEF 🙌❤️ Those years of pain slowly washing away. Gratitude I practice daily and it has turned my life around. “Thank you for the ability to correct my breathe/posture/straying mind etc” .. gratitude for that which is within us, not lacking or wanted. For wanting shall bring more of the same in experience. More wanting.. all lies within us. Tap into it through focus and belief. Action is our greatest friend.. I am beginning to see again that I CAN DO THIS ❤️💓💓😊 You can too 🙌🙌🙌 Thank you Brandon. You are a light upon this expression of life 🙌❤️🙌
Energy Rnhancer
I learned that not all meditation is for grounding and/or relaxation. I felt happy and bright when doing this meditation. The different breathing technique used during the middle of this meditation felt invigorating.
Gentle energy
I do this meditation frequently and love it every time. But it occurred to me this morning that this energy is gentle. All of my cells are alive and quite awake but it’s not a crazy energy. It is in a word fantastic.
Do Daily
This is so grounding and centering, it is one for daily use. One of my favorites ever.
This is awesome and heavenly. Helps me relax and release the stress buildup from daily work life.
That was so Relaxing!! Love that feeling of relieving stress.
Breathe deeper release bad energy!! It was really amazing! Looking forward to this again.
All frustrations erased
I love this guide! He really does bring calmness and energy my well-being. This is my 3rd or 4th session with him. Each time I breathe in it’s blue and white positive energy & breathing out it’s red and black negative energy.
I actually feel well rested. I’m usually groggy after I sleep in but I feel so good.
Maybe meditation can be helpful. Didn’t believe in it. We shall see this is day one.
I really did feel thankful for my body and life. My smile turned from forced to genuine
Amazing energy 😜
I’ve felt so happy, bubbly, giggly, and genuinely grateful for this day both during and after this exercise!
I learned I can control my body and how I feel. My emotions, my reflection of how I see myself.
Loved it
I learned a new breathing technique and I felt the way the instructor explained the meditation made it easy and fun.
Breath is the foundation of life. Taking deep breaths when tired, depressed, or sad, gives my body the greatest chance it can have to begin dealing with the above feelings and turn them around for good.
Reenergizing Breath
The best session yet today. Breath is the foundation of life. Taking deep breaths when feeling sad, depressed or just tired, gives my body the best fighting chance it can have to turn these negative feelings around for good. 🙏🏼🙌🏼😇
Best yet
The background music enhances the experience and the instructors voice directions are perfect. Downloading now.
Super energizing
I enjoyed this as a way to start my day. I could really feel the energy pulsating throughout my body.
Share It!
I appreciated the charge to take this energy with me and share it with all contact today!
I feel rejuvenated after this meditation. At first after waking up I felt sapped with energy, but after doing this meditation, I’m beginning to feel energized. I needed this!
Music 3 part breath nice
The 3 part breath was fun with the music to hide too. I held my hands in Anjali mudra - palms in Los facing up fingers forward and little fingers touching. The cue to lift the head a bit was helpful. I definitely felt energized. Thanks
I learned I need more of these energy enhancing meditations. The breathing with us was great and I will join you again to repeat it.
Energy Enhancer
I learned a new way to boost my energy after along work day and a restless night. I was also able incorporate a few body stretches. Thank you!
Amazing energizer
I really enjoyed this and am blown away by how energized I am after a few short minutes. Three big sips, hold, then release to count of 4. Sensation of buzzing and tingling very invigorating. Smiling can remind you to be happy. Very skilled guide.
I really love the breathing techniques
More of those. I feel it’s good for the brain and entire body. It aliveness everything.