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Energy Body Scan

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Jaisa Sulit
Mindful Self-Compassion Coach & OT
This is an exploration expanding our curious open awareness to include the energy body, widely acknowledged by Chinese and Vedic medical systems as integral to our physical and mental wellness.
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I felt relaxed and that the meditation was meant for me. I was focused on my body which took me out of my thinking for awhile.
Physical responses?
Interesting going through the body's organs and learning what each represents. I find that I don't have any physical sensations in my organs except for tingling of my fingers and heaviness of my shoulders while meditating. I wonder "should I"? I'll try to be more mindful throughout my day. My sense of compassion has been heightened with each meditation. I really like this one as it is a great reminder to pay attention! Thanks ❤️🌷
I learned that I carry a lot of emotions within my body. Initially I thought I'd bring awareness to tension in my muscles but was surprised to notice it in my organs. I offer compassion to myself and to my organs.
Spinal Energy
I never thought about the spine as a conduit of energy; all those nerves and neurons and all. Although I struggled to feel energy in my organs (liver, kidneys, spleen), when we got to the spine, I felt a surge of energy, and almost like something was blocked, now feel ... refreshed? Clear? Interesting meditation!
Energy Body. Scan - Meditation
I was exposed to the idea that being mindfully aware includes being receptive, without being judgemental, to all sensations that we experience. This includes both the happy and rewarding ones but also includes the uncomfortable ones that arise from time to time. It was coincidental that this happened on a day when I received some extremely bad news about a close member of the family, but has helped me to process this in a measured way. This is part of the beauty of life experiences that I need to be grateful for, even though it doesn’t feel so at the time.
Curious Fresh Eyes
Mindfulness is looking at everything (i.e., our surroundings, our feelings, thoughts and emotions as well as sensations in our body) with curious fresh eyes and without judgement. Indeed, we are to be with what is. In this interesting meditation, Jaisa guides us through an energy body scan and different organs in our body with the intention of noticing any sensations we may or may not have with curious fresh eyes and compassionate awareness. Each and every day, we welcome a new body, which is our physical vessel for our soul. Therefore, it is a great idea to check in with it and see how it is feeling on a daily basis. I found it very interesting to learn about different organs in my body and what each represent in terms of what we may or may not be feeling. When Jaisa guided me through my spinal column, I could feel the energy revving up my body with each breath I took leaving me feeling refreshed and energized. I am so thankful that I took this time to check in with my body with curious fresh eyes! Namaste ❤️☮️🙏🏻