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Energy Ball Release

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Irene Zwaan
Hypnotherapist & Energy Healer
Release energy that doesn't serve you anymore. Energy that drains your energy. With this meditation you can release all that and feel lighter and calmer inside. Make your life easier and lighter. Just try it for yourself.
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9 reflections
Energy Ball Release
Wow... I really loved this! Thank you,Irene. As soon as you said, allow your guides to remove it - I felt so light
Seeing Clearly Now
Settling on the bench underneath the mimosa tree in the backyard, I closed my eyes and took in some relaxing deep breaths from my belly. Feeling relaxed, I opened my eyes and looked around my surroundings. I saw a squirrel eating sunflower seeds, birds flying and some deer laying down in the backyard of my neighbors house. Becoming one with my surroundings, I became even more relaxed. Closing my eyes once again, I began thinking about a practice I’m currently doing called Antar Mouna, which means Inner Silence. By doing this practice, a lot of subconscious thoughts and emotions have bubbled up to the surface, some being negative. Visualizing the anger, the sadness, the frustration and the fear that has been brought up, I saw blackness all around me. Knowing I needed to rid my aura of these negative energies, I called upon my spirit angels. Seeing them begin to surround me with a gentle smile on their face and a genuine love in their eyes, I knew I was in the presence of Love, itself. Clearing the blackness around me, I could see glimpses of light appear. When all of the blackness was cleared, I felt a wonderful lightness in my body. With a smile on my face and a genuine love in my eyes, I thanked my spirit angels. When I reopened my eyes, the first thing I saw were two deer giving affection to one another. Watching them lick one another, my heart beat with love, joy, peace and gratitude. With my heart beating with these beautiful emotions, my eyes can see clearly now. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
This meditation and energy release allowed me to let go of negative thoughts and experiences. I felt a release of emotion when allowing my spirit guides to remove the energy ball. I felt the positive energy flow into my body thereafter.
Irene, energy angel! Thanks to the angels and the sages and the sacred emissaries and the infinite deep breaths! Thanks.
Thank the angels
I am so moved right now Irene. Every morning I wake up and greet the universe and ask that my mind and heart are opened up to receive and give good energy. Asking my angels and guides to help me release the negative energy clouds was brilliant. I realize that the cloud may never truly dissipate but it can be less dense with positive attitudes and outlooks. I am filled with gratitude for this piece which brought me...peace. ❤️💪🏼🙏🏼
I felt powerful it made me calmer and happier thank you so much
Thank you for that visual! It helped reduce the knots in my stomach so I can relax more tonight. Much appreciated!
I desperately needed to let go of negative energies! I know when Rudy are there. They swirl and become agitated.
Now for today at this moment they are gone. Thank you, namaste
This felt good 😊thank you 🙏
My thoughts are my choice with a little help, choosing to release negative thoughts at the start of the day gives me more energy and motivation to start the day with a clean slate. 😁
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