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Energized Morning: Taking In The Light

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This meditation is designed to start your day off well, harnessing the energy from the rising sun to bring peace and equanimity into your day.
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Energized Morning
What a beautiful day to start the day! It was really calm but gave me focused energy
Walter J
Invigorating …
I feel a calm energy surging through my body. Peaceful but powerful. Intention set and invigorated to get. Ready to meet whatever the day brings. Best of L.U.C.K. today everyone! Make it a memorable day… 💪🏼❤️🍀
Glorious Calm Day
On this glorious calm morning, I sat in the direction of the sun and began to breathe in its soothing and nourishing energy into my body. Feeling invigorated by the sunshine, I set my intention for this glorious calm day. Thank you for this beautiful meditation! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Morning light
This morning I woke up with some anxious and sad energy. This meditation allowed me to bring the light into my body to work in harmony with my anxious energy. Envisioning light running through my body and being totally encompassed with the light helped my anxiety to melt away ☀️ 🙏🏼
Peacefully Energized
Breathing in the golden rays of the sun, I feel my body begin to come alive. The warmth of the sun feels good on my face. This warmth spreads throughout my entire body leaving me feeling peacefully energized. I am grateful to be able to receive the gift of the sun’s energy. I will take this positive energy into my day to share with anyone that needs a little pick me up. May your day be filled with love, light, and positive energy.
It’s good to spend a little time looking after myself every day one way or another
Taking in the light
What a peaceful and powerful way to start my day by filling myself with the light of the sun. I was thinking it was like having liquid gilded inside
I noticed that my wandered and I just felt aggravated. I have my period and I want chocolate and salt and for Matt to give me attention. And a smoothie bowl
Day one
I have control over how I respond to things. My emotions are valid & It’s ok to feel how I feel.
Energized Morning
I am aware of how much my mind races and becomes distracted during meditations, that is why I really enjoy these shorter durations. It was still dark here, so I visualized the sun warming my body.
Meditation is always good for the stress and sadness
I was sad about Freddie’s mom dying so I had to meditate I had to put myself at a position where I am not sad anymore but Freddie felt sad most of all the things that give me peace are meditation and prayer and grace and god’s peace and god’s mercy I’ve noticed that once I meditate all the negative things just zap right out of my mind and positive things come to my mind and god’s work is done and the good lord has said don’t worry about it anymore because she is in a better place with me and she not suffering anymore I feel god’s love right there that brings me back memories of kambrisha
I learned that o can’t still my mind and my body is still tense. I should do this before I even get out of bed. I am already at moms along care of her.
Better sleep = better me
Regular bed times and no drinking are a factor or sleep quality
Armed for the day
I felt stressed. I've been feeling exhausted. This has helped to relax my nerves and feel a little bit more ready to take on the day.
Very relaxing
This helped to ground me as I start my day. I feel ready to get things done but grounded enough to stay relaxed!
The light traveling within
This light we imagine traveling within us and relaxing or giving us energy, can be imagined to stem from something that gives us pleasure, to give it more punch. Today I imagined the light coming from a pretty, healthy, peaceful and strong plant/bonsai tree. The properties of this beautiful plant/tree incorporated themselves into the light and brightened and warmed my inner being, infusing themselves with me.
It is hard for me to imagine the light and energy but your voice abc the background music helped me to feel at ease.