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Milan “Vee” Vracaric
Breathwork and Meditation Teacher
Instantly wake up or get an immediate charge of energy. This is another ancient yogic pranayama (breathing exercise) that is often called "breath of fire". It is one of the most intense breathwork techniques out there, designed to ignite you, and make you want to move! It is also a good cardio exercise!
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Fired Up 🔥
The breath of fire is an intense breathing technique that will help to wake up and energize your body. This session gives excellent instruction on how to do this breathing technique. The last couple of months I have been micro dosing with a sacred plant blend called Sol from Soul Drops which is suppose to promote positive energy. One of the ways to activate Sol is through the breath of fire. So I wanted to try this out to see what effect it would have. I feel energized, motivated, and ready to tackle my day.
Changing how I feel on awakening
I woke with nervous/anxious energy coursing through me.. I picked a gratitude meditation followed by this to help shift the dis-ease… wow, for myself, breathwork appears to be a key to unlocking peace and changing the energy of negative emotions. Thank you for this mornings practice Milan
Vigorous breathing
Need exercise to wake up the mind and body! So I’m able to do my job!!
Free Energy
Another day where I learned I have this often taken for granted free source of life - breath. And it’s that conscious breathing that makes the difference - in making me feel alive. And thankful.
Breath of fire!
This breathing technique felt so great and really did help my body to wake up with great energy
Breath of fire
OMG I HAVE NOT FELT THIS GOOD IN THE MORNING BEFORE! All caps be cause my spirit feeling well and loud relax! 😂☺️
This was great!
Really amazed at how much this woke up my body and gave me some motivation!