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Christina & Darrin
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When we’re experiencing a difficult emotion, we need inner resources to help us cope. One precious resource is the empathetic witness. This is a soothing inner voice that reminds you it is all right to feel exactly what you are feeling – and that you are okay, just as you are. In this meditation, you’ll begin to cultivate that inner voice, so that it is always available for you, whenever you are going through something challenging. Photo by Jill Wellington from Pexels www.christina-mcmahon.com
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You are good enough. 😊
I learned that it’s ok to be distracted and have trouble focusing on the guidance during meditation when you have a lot on your mind. 😊 Quite honestly I was incredibly distracted during this meditation and had to spend some time after the guidance ended meditating in silence, breathing and gently guiding my attention to my body and whatever emotions or sensations I felt without judgement. Just being kind to myself. And I think that was all a wonderful experience. I do look forward to giving Empathetic Witness another go. 😊
Thank you.
Telling yourself that it's okay can go a long way. Today was stressful for me, but this allowed me to pull back and love myself, even despite the stressors around me pulling me out of self-awareness.
Burning the slivered almonds
This meditation couldn't be more Timely. I started it, and at the same time had some almonds toasting in the oven. As I listened to the meditation, I then realized that the almonds were burning! I took them Out of the oven and sure enough, they were crisped! I started telling myself, "what's wrong with you? Can't you do anything right?" So I resumed this meditation and the very next words were about being okay with making a mistake and self acceptance! It was like God was speaking to me at that very moment! I need to learn self empathy and compassion, I'm going to make mistakes in life and that's okay. I don't always have To perform perfectly.
Self acceptance is huge for me
By making the time for me no matter how short or long that may be at a time, with practise - self acceptance comes easier x
I realized
My sadness is okay, it's okay to be sad. But the important part is how I mend myself
This meditation hit home and affirmed what I needed to hear to heal after a bad day
Witness Myself
Being a strong empath, and one who finds and gains hoy from helping others I tend to forget about being empathetic to myself. I forget to check in with my own experiences I have witnessed and telling myself it’s okay. I am learning to accept that it is not selfish of me to be kind to myself, to put myself first or to being empathetic to my own doings.
Self empathise
It is ok to be sad and suffer from anxious thoughts, it is just how you control your sadness and your thoughts and how you behave during them.
Empathetic Witness
With stress there should also be acceptance. Not of the stress itself but of your mind in that state. It is okay to be stressed because accepting and understanding that feeling will help you to always conquer it
Making mistakes are okay. In fact they are apart of being human so live each day accepting what makes you imperfect because it makes you you.
Past self
I learned that my past self doesn’t have to be who I am now.
Empathetic self = self compassion
I learned that I can step out of the self and be empathic to myself. In other words, I was practicing a little self compassion. If we are able to tell a friend not to come down themselves for making a mistake, why is it hard to do the same for ourselves?
It's okay.
I learned that it's okay, no matter what happened. Everything will be okay.
Heart on
Hide Doha the spilt sport of seeing a plant oh space in a telescope on earth
Learning form the past
Meditating about mistakes of the past help us accept them and manage out decisions better in the future
Daryl Lyn
Inner voice
I learned that I need to have a sympathetic inner voice to my self
Amazing transformation
It was incredible the amount of change i felt from the moment I recalled the negative experience to when I added in the kind voice to myself. Transformative!!!
Pressure release
I find that I am my hardest critic, especially in times of sadness. The perspective of looking in on the moment and understanding my reactions and then empathizing with myself, powerful stuff.
Forgiving muself
If I be empathetic and forgive myself when I make mistakes and for being and understanding that it's okay not to be perfect, then I'll be okay even if others are not empathetic and forgiving towards me.
Chasing acceptance
Appreciate all that is great about you. If we don’t, we’ll forever be chasing self acceptance.
It’s ok to feel how you feel at times just breathe and accept what’s happening and breathe
And find out how you will get through it all with a big smile on your face and stay strong
My chronic illness
Was made of lack of love for myself, and a refusal of the love I felt for others when I thought, erroneously, they didn't love me back. I tortured myself feeling lonely, non-wanted, unworthy. My acceptance of love gives me the health, the safety, the joy, that were always there, waiting for my return.
Empathetic Witness
I learned that whenever you are feeling anxious or think you’ve messed up. Listen for your inner voice to remind you that it will be ok. It is ok and things are good. Use that voice to reassure you and help you move past the situation or circumstance.
Empathetic witness
I had to me, a really bad hour after waking up this morning,(my thyroid replacement dose has been adjusted 5x in a yr, it can make for some devastating mood swings), I woke up in a rage( I always wake up in a good mood), thankfully I knew what was happening and yet still felt utterly helpless in stopping this feeling of rage from nowhere. After an hour or so, I finally calmed completely down and am exhausted, emotionally and physically, start my scheduled meditation and get exactly what I needed to hear and do with empathetic witness, it helped me know that when I feel things like this, I’m am ok, and I will be ok, don’t panic 😍 thank You for this meditation exercise, it helped me so much today and I know it will in the future 😍💙💜💚
Day 2
Stressed about what’s happening to our country and how the impending changes to the tax bill will affect me negatively. Goal is to connect with higher power and pray for best possible outcome. May do 7 minutes tomorrow.
Sunday 12-3-17
Have you felt the burdens of everything is all on YOU (housecleaning, Chores, Bill, etc)? Well, this meditation will help lift that burden off and let you know it doesn’t have to be that way..just breathe..focus on the good..YOURSELF..take it through the day....good luck, EVERYONE! Have a nice rest of your weekend.
The worst
This woman’s voice is horrifically annoying for a de-stress session
I tried
I tried to accept myself and tell myself it’s okay many times before, but at the end I just kept ruminating and couldn’t let myself to accept my failure or mistakes.
Not me
Alas self-acceptance, warm or otherwise, is not in the cards for me today (or most days). Hope it helps someone else though ...
Empathetic witness
I derived so much from this practice-want to do the 7 min. one...this one was perfect for me...so glad I’ve subscribed to this level!! It’s fantastic-for anyone having a trying day!! 😊
Self acceptance is a very interesting
Concept. It is deep and so important. Maybe I should make myself a little poster. I do so little...
Self acceptance is hard. Meditation is hard when you’re kids are in the room!
My father said to my mother the first time he saw me “Honey he looks just like a little pig!” From that day forward my father’s nicknames for me alternated from wretched, lazy, to worthless... Eventually he settled on “Lard”. To him it was a term endearment. It took me years to realize I was none of those things. My father is 86 now. We just returned from visiting him. Still sharp as tack. Still stuck in 1945. Still calls me Lard. My heart goes out to his new wife. She had no idea what she signed up for.
Feeling too anxious for this 3 minutes to fix me! Thought there to be embedded.
He’s someone that consistently, ignorantly puts me down and I need to recognize his words do not measure to my success. I am successful and hollow words cannot change that.
I will not stop ruminating today or tomorrow or even months from now. But I won’t let it affect my happiness.
Ignore Xanxus
To throw Xanxus in a box or shut the door in his face and ignore the words of trash and self bashing. Invite in Youthfulness. so much green and sunsets.but lots of progress in the right direction P.S. I am a big Katekyou Reborn and Naruto fan. So my voices are personification of characters
There isn’t anything I can change about my past, It’s what I do now to change and recognize myself for the better.
Empathetic self
I can accept myself. Mistakes happen. I can still accept myself.
Self Acceptance
I’m my biggest critic.....but that can change. I just need to be aware
Day 3
I didn’t like this one. It didn’t help with my anxiety and made me a bit uncomfortable.
It’s okay to make mistakes. You live and you learn for the next experience.
Empathic Witness
This one is tough. Self acceptance is not the easiest for me. If others don’t accept me or continually criticize me I get down on myself. I will try this meditation again at some point.
I can allow myself to be ok
Even when things aren’t going how I had hoped. Even when I’m in a bad mood - I don’t then have to feed it by punishing myself for being in a bad mood.
Self acceptance
To be able to accept who you are for everything you are is tricky. Doable but a very profound skill. A skill worth mastering. Accepting yourself and situations is part one of being able to cope with the struggles of everyday life.
Reliving the moment
Wow! Who knew having that extra layer of experience would change so much. I am okay. Some of the deepest inhales and exhales!!
Empathetic self
I realized that in a smaller way I was being gentle with myself that I was overwhelmed by the situation. But I also gained a model for being much more gentle the next time which can help me see the way to handle it.
day 4
i learned that whenever i start to feel self doubt or self hatred or anxiety to get rid of the negative voice telling me it's wrong and not okay, and find the voice i found in this meditation to tell me it's okay to feel that way, but that i AM okay and will always BE okay
Heart Awaking
I learned that no matter what difficult situations or abusive language directed at me by any of my family. I know who I am. Ian loved and cherished for the individual I am, not to say I don’t feel the initial sting and disappoint, but am able to shake them off and go on to a positive activity away from the aggression.
Not as bad as it seems
Not everything is as bad as it seems. It just seems bad because of all the raw emotion. We just have to remind ourselves that it is okay. We are okay.
Self acceptance
Self acceptance is acceptable and to remind self at the end of the day I am doing well
I AM ok
I can like me for me. I am accepting of myself. I am only human.
Self compassion
It’s the hardest thing, to forgive yourself when you’ve hurt someone you love.
It is ok to make mistakes and feel certain ways about them because I am only human
It’s okay...
Last night was an extremely rough night for me, emotionally. There is someone I miss dearly, but I feel hurt and anger towards them. I find myself suppressing my anger because I don’t believe I should feel this way, but I know that’s not healthy. My feelings in this moment are valid. I’m realizing it’s okay to still love someone even though their actions hurt you. Just like me, they are going through their own personal journey and are healing their wounds. My love will never disappear for this person, although we aren’t speaking at the moment. Sometimes people come into our lives to teach us lessons or to remind us of our worth. I know my love is enough. I am enough.
Self Acceptance
I’m very hard on myself and I have in inner “military sargaent voice” ....it’s a challenge for me to shut off the criticism and blame for everything I do wrong. I feel like a failure often, instead of remembering that I’m only “human” and I am constantly growing and evolving. Mistakes can be lessons. Nobody is perfect
i learned that it’s okay to make mistakes and that i should always have that soft voice reminding me of it
I have to learn to stop feeling like I don’t deserve condolence in my times of need, (which I would normally give to anyone else if they needed) and that it’s ok to feel anxiety and show empathy towards myself
i felt a lot better today after my session even though i was anxious all day.
I listen to this every night before bed to calm my stressed out Thank-you
I feel stressed
I learned that feeling upset or stressed is okay. Stress is natural if you are working hard. I’m working really hard in school and i feel a bit frazzled and that’s okay sometimes.
Today I learned a lesson, my feelings were hurt but I knew that I made a bad decision . I’
I learned that I’m only human and that I’m going to make mistakes, it’s part of life and growing .
You're ok, you're enough.
You don't have to be the best at everything. You just have to be enough for that moment and it's ok to let go of the rest.
Self acceptance
It’s okay not to be okay. It’s okay to make mistakes whether it affects our life in the biggest way or the smallest way. It’s okay to feel down, but it’s more important to lift your self up. Everyone has a little voice inside of them that tells them that everything is going to be alright. DO NOT ignore that voice. It’s important. Much more important than you think it is.
I felt different about self acceptance
It was challenging to quiet my mind and not be stressed out because of deadlines. Recently, a fight broke out in my house and I felt hopeless because I didn’t know how to handle it and I froze. This reaction makes me feel regret, worry that it would be the only chance for me to show compassion. But I listened to this, and it’s true to treat yourself like your own child sometimes. Because listening to the simple words of you’re okay, you’re doing great, means so much for someone who has felt deep insecurity & instability.
My inner voice
Yeah, he’s kind of an insensitive jerk, really! I'm really tough on myself. I SHOULD be kinder, I guess, but everything seems so tough for me anymore! (there’s that ”should” thing again!) I am SO ready for a friggin’ break! Well, back to the grind! I tend to stay almost impossibly busy for a guy so burdened!
Empathetic Witness
I learned that I am ok just as I am. I deserve love, compassion and gentleness even when I am not my best self.
Empathetic Witness
I learned that I am ok just as I am. I deserve love, compassion and gentleness even when I am not my best self.
Inner Presence
In this meditation, Christina guides us to think of a recent time in which we went through a difficult time and felt anxious and sadness, or perhaps even a time in which we felt regret for the way we behaved in a certain situation. Usually we are so caught up in the moment that we do not hear and therefore, do not listen to our inner voice. I began to observe a very difficult time in which I felt devastated and an immense sense of sadness. While thinking back to this time, I became aware that my heart began to beat a little faster while my breathing began to be heavier. It certainly was not easy bringing this particular memory back to the forefront of my mind. However, I stuck with this memory as Christina introduced me to my inner voice, or empathetic witness. This soft inner voice, this gentle presence, began repeating that I was going to be okay, that with courage and compassion, I’ll be able to get past this difficult time. I began to notice my heartbeat to slow and my breathing to soften. In fact, my whole body began to soften, giving my mind and spirit comfort. This meditation was an excellent reminder that our inner presence, our gentle empathetic witness is always with us. It is always within us to guide us through the darkness. It is always within us to give us wisdom and it is always within us to give us compassion and self-acceptance. We just need to remember to become aware! Thank you, Christina! ☮️❤️🙏🏻
Empathetic witness
I do classify myself as an empath. I am acutely aware of emotions in others and it hurts me to see and feel others hurt. Right now the world is in turmoil. As a human race we are in danger. That leaves heavily on my shoulders every day as I’m sure it does for this week in the world. It’s time to start to learn how to be compassionate and gentle and understanding without getting way down by others emotions as well as mine. As I sat here under the tree with the breeze in my hair I could feel nature all around me. I feel the cool breeze. I hear the wind as it rushes forward. I listen to the birds feed their young. I feel a few mulberries fall on my shoulders I smell the fresh air and I feel the presence of mother Earth all around me. I am grounded. I am content. It is very reminds me that I am not alone as my cat comes back to check on me. Thank youThank you thank you.